Making a baby blanket in an afternoon

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For Christmas my husband and I finally decided to get a new sewing machine but in true fashion for our family did not get it until January after we were sure it was the machine for us!

I have been wanting to get back more into sewing and hopefully into quilting.  I had a  snow day and a tutorial online and decided it was the project for me! The link I followed is here:  My Spare Time – she has all sorts of tutorials for sewing I am sure this won’t be the last one I follow.

So first I read her directions and I had my husband look over them too as I am not a highly skilled seamstress this is new territory for me.  Then I went to the local fabric store and was happy to be making my  purchases on Educator Discount Weekend!  First I laid out my fabric. 

The beginning of my first baby blanket

Then I ironed and sewed the blocks together.  I have never quilted so I am sure I made mistakes but I can tell you this if I can do it anybody can!

I actually had fun making this and the day flew by so fast!  Thanks to my husband’s help too!

I am ironing the fabric in this picture!

Although I don’t know how the orange would have looked on the bottom.  I used a nursery flannel for the bottom – this project did not call for a filler but I may try a light one next time just to make the blanket a little more snugglie!

The binding is tricky so I included several pictures so you can see my process….
Ironing the binding
First you have to iron the binding…
Second you have to pin the binding around the blanket and the corners are tricky but her tutorial has great visuals on all that….
Folding the corner on the binding
Here are some pics of the finished project!  I hope you try to make one too! 
Let me know if you do! 
The finished Baby Blanket
Here is another view of the finished baby blanket!
Another View of the finished baby blanket
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