I am so impatient to start getting the garden in….

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     I am so impatient about getting my garden in.  This week I have already planted nasturtiums and violas.  The nasturtiums are already about 6″ tall!  I so wanted to get our potatoes and onions in but even though we live in coastal NC my husband thinks we should hold off another week so I am going to have to be patient.  We are also getting our property ready for the local hobby greenhouse club so my husband repaired the cedar wood that was rotting on our hot tub and he seeded our yard. We are both determined to have our yard look beautiful for this event.  I am attaching a picture of our Greenhouse in the winter. Our greenhouse was made out of mostly recycled materials at an expense of about $400.00.  We used recylec plexi glass and metal roofing.  We actually dug up my friends red rocks from her yard she was getting rid of them and we thought for most of the floor that would be perfect for our purposes although we have bricks in the middle for walking  on.  My husband built our greenhouse and I absolutley love it!  Nothing cheers me up more than to walk out and see a green haven in the middle of winter. 

A Garden In Our Greenhouse In The Middle of Winter

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