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The First Harvest Of The Season

     Its that time of year when Eric and I are still planting vegetables and yet we are also reaping our early harvests.  We have peas and kale that are coming in now, I picked our swiss chard, strawberries, and peppers today.  I must say we have TONS of peppers.  One advantage of having a greenhouse and having those mature pepper plants ready to produce early in the season.  I love it when my chickens have a 3 egg day!  Nothing like fresh omelettes now I haven’t tried a swiss chard omelette yet but I love an omelette with peppers!  I do miss my Americauna’s beautiful green egss however my most reliable layer is probably my Rhode Island Red and I plan to order more of them.  I am hoping my friends will go in on a group order with me… know who you are 😉  Today we had to transplant several plants including turnips, summer squash, and eggplant.  I always consider this time of year to be the busiest time of year for gardeners because we are trying to plant and transplant, harvest our crops that are producing, and now I have to cook, freeze, or can what I am harvesting.  I am lucky Eric is better at canning then I am so we make a good team.  We had a competition last summer on who could make the better applesauce and he absolutely won and he was more efficient but the cool thing is we are doing it together!  I try to get the kids involved but its not for them but they always help us eat the rewards!  I have posted some of my canning recipes but I have lots more and will post more soon.  I am hoping to find some new creative ways to can my  peppers although I usually freeze my peppers some I chop and some I freeze longways.  It makes a quick meal to have peppers, onions, some meat and some tortillas and I also love them with brats or sausages.  Today my Mom and I went to the farmers market and we also bought some Baby Bok Choy, Romaine lettuce from some friends of mine that our members of the Hobby Greenhouse Club and actually we saw a couple of friends from the Hobby Greenhouse Club and then we got some local raw honey which that is a kicker because alas we don’t have our bees or honey yet so to the Farmers Market I go!  Anyway swiss chard is on the menu tonight at our house along with some of our Farmers Market goodies and tonight is a great porch setting night the weather is beautiful!

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