The Gals Won’t Want To Fly This Coop and it only cost $60!

The Coop Brownstone

The big day finally came and yesterday my son Noah and I drove the entire 10 minutes to go to a fellow Back Yard chicken keepers home and pick up our new chickens!  She had ordered some this spring and I had asked her to keep my chicks until later in June due to a busy schedule.  Pick up time was hilarious as when we arrived the smaller coop has to be picked up completely off of the ground and then the little pullets scattered so her, her husband and me and Noah all scrambled to catch some of the chickens in the end my friend caught them all she was fast!

The new coop that my husband Eric built has so many fantastic features but my absolute favorite is that the siding is made up of old pallets.  I love it when we use or re-use something that would otherwise end up in the trash.  This coop only cost us out of pocket about $60.00.  one of the reasons is that my husband knowing he needs various items for future projects will be on the look out for items we might need on the side of the road.  This has paid off big time over the years for us and this is another example.  The old Gal’s are struggling with these new arrivals for now so they are in separate pens for a couple of reasons one just good standard backyard chicken hygiene is to keep them separated for about 30 days.  The other is the pullets are much smaller and their is always the concern that one will get pecked to death.  Don’t worry I will blog on the big merger soon but we are going to wait until these gals get a little bigger and can hold their own.

We got 2 Americauna’s and 2 Black Stars I have linked them to images so you can see what they will look like when they get older!  The Black Star’s are supposed to be amazing layers and I have had Americauna’s in the past and they are not really strong layers in the Winter but they lay the coolest looking green easter eggs some people even get blue or pink eggs depending on how they feed them.  We would aways get green eggs that looked close to how these look if you click here.  I am sure we are going to have lots of backyard adventures and lots more egg pictures in the coming year ahead!

9 thoughts on “The Gals Won’t Want To Fly This Coop and it only cost $60!

  1. I will have to drag my sweetie back over to your house and see this! Only $60 WOW! Looks great! Big pat on the back to Eric!

  2. Lisa, we had left over masonry wire and chicken wire from the other coop, free pallets, and some various posts Eric found along the way. I am so excited about this coop! We would love for you and Dennis to stop in sometime! Eric wants to do the greenhouse with the same pallet siding and then we will seal it all up with some wood sealer! Also I can give you my friend’s number as she is thinking of doing another chick order this winter and she is really thinking about getting some unusual varieties!

  3. Very nice coop! And love the price tag!! Don’t ask how much the Hen Hilton cost. It was ridiculous! The goats will get a deep discount version!
    Glad to see you’ve added some egg layers to your preparedness!

  4. Amy right now in this heat in coastal NC I average 2 eggs per day but we just added 4 hens to our flock and I am hoping this time next year to average 5 or 6 we will have 7 layers hopefully by then. Thanks for the comment and I love your blog! I will try to check in often!

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