The Versatile Fig

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Figs - The Mystical Fruit

I have spent a couple days this past week drying and canning figs and I have to say this was my first year working with them and it will surely not be my last.  Figs just may be the most gratifying fruit to work with ever.  They are delicious fresh, dried or put up as preserves.  You don’t have to peel them, you just simply wash them and voila!  I am hoping to get some more figs to make some figs in heavy syrup as well.  Here is an interesting article from Monticello Thomas Jefferson’s home place on figs and it is mentioned here that figs are either greeted with enthusiasm or considered vulgar.  Here are some pictures of my process of drying our figs.   Making dried figs is the easiest way to work with figs.  All you have to do is wash them and let them air dry, and then cover them with water that has had 2 TBSP. of lemon juice added and soaked in for about 10 minutes and then layer them into your dehydrator.   They will be used this winter in muffins, breads, and oatmeal and they taste wonderful!

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    1. Janet we almost lost one of our fig trees this year too….Ugh! Thank goodness the ice storm didn’t kill it but we didn’t get figs from it this harvest season either….thanks for visiting Janet! 🙂 I hope you get lots of figs next season!

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