Dehydrating for the pantry – an ancient method of food preservation

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Peppers From My Garden In My Food Dehydrator

How many people do you know that dehydrate their food?  I only have a couple of friends who own food dehydrators yet drying food is an ancient method of food preservation that uses a lot less energy resources than canning and freezing even more if you have a solar one which I do not have at this time.  I dehydrated cherries and peppers this week.  The cherries will be used in oatmeal and granola and the peppers will be used in numerous meals often times I put them in spaghetti sauces I make.  They taste just like their original form once they have been reconstituted with water.  I am also going to be dehydrating onions today.  If you are lucky enough to come up on a sale of cabbages, sweet potatoes, corn, etc….go ahead and buy a bunch and dehydrate for the winter.  Take advantage of the summer savings!  There is nothing I can’t stand more than to be craving corn in the middle of winter and not have any on hand.  Why pay $6.00 for  frozen corn when you could have payed a lot less in the summer and you could have dehydrated it, frozen it, or canned it.

Recently we went camping and we ate some figs that we had dried, apples, pears which are my favorite and they were so good that my son and I both wanted the last one!  They make a great snack, they are very portable and taste delicious!  Not only that but if you have any sort of power outage you are not worried about your dried food the biggest worry is moisture I keep mine in airtight containers and have not purchased items yet to help keep the moisture down and for the most part I have had no issues.

It is also good to have a good reserve for Hurricane Season, climbing grocery prices (Hyperinflation),  and or any other emergency.

A final note these were all peppers from my garden which grow very easily where we live.  Figure out what grows easy where you live grow a lot of it and you can always barter with a friend if one of you does something better than the other.  I am hoping to have enough eggs and honey next year to do some bartering with others but that’s for another topic!

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