The Power of Words

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Chinese Proverb: “Words are the key to your heart”    

Our Beautiful Children Who I love Dearly!

      It’s not often I discuss my deep inner thoughts here at Lil’ Suburban Homestead but as I was sitting here at my computer this morning sipping on coffee and a slurpee simultaneously yes I know I am a walking contradiction at times…….I was discussing my daughter’s birthday why she does not want to celebrate her birthday anymore.  She is 19 and does not want to get any older.  I too used to feel this way until in 2009 I battled Thyroid Cancer and I learned that every single birthday we have is a gift!

     I told her this morning that her being born as well as her brother being born were two of the best days in my life and of course I would want to celebrate it.  Here are some words that I have cherished in my life…

The day I met and then later married my husband and he said “I love you and later I do!”

The day she was born and my husband said “She’s got your hair!”

The day my son was born and I heard the words “Here he is!” as he was laid upon my chest.

My Mom telling me on a regular basis how beautiful I look….I love to hear that hey you gotta’ love a Mom they always see us at our best!

Words also have the power to hurt….it is truly a double edged sword the day I was told on the phone that I had cancer, then another call I received at a later date where I found out one of my children had a serious health issue.     This was not an easy time in our lives each day we have to choose to focus on the words that will help bring us strength and surround ourselves with good friends and lean on our families.

I come from a family where we used nicknames and terms of endearment and my one older brother still calls me “KK” which came from my Grandparents Mamo and Papo, and my grandparents always called me “Chickadee” and I just found out when I was in Cherokee country that the Chikadee means “truth teller” and that resonated with me immediately.

I think this is why I like blogging………a string of words that are meaningless don’t make any sense however words put together in a string in a context that makes sense have the power to help others and to encourage.  The bible states in Hebrews: “Encourage one another daily.”
3:12 and also in Proverbs:Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul, health to the bones.” 
16:24 .  This is something I try very hard to live by its not always easy for me.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!  For my next blog I will share my homemade laundry soap recipe which has saved me tons of money!

2 thoughts on “The Power of Words

  1. Love your graphics! Nice set-up on the chicken coop as well! I am glad I have not found a snake yet in the nesting box…I would never go to pick eggs after that : ) Me know like snakes.

  2. Thanks so much for your compliment! It surely has been a work in progress and I am constantly learning new ideas from other bloggers! Trust me the lure of a delicious egg is too much for me to resist….I just carry a big stick now 😉

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