Safe Wishes For Everyone with Hurricane Irene on its way….

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Prepared For Hurricane Irene

I could not write a post without mentioning the hurricane that is on its way towards us at this very moment Hurricane Irene.  I hope that it ends up being a non event but I want to send out wishes for everyone’s safety and I hope everyone has evacuated or is home safe.  I hope everyone is prepared and has done all of their safety preps.  I had a post ready to go on prepping tips but its a little late now so I will post it at a later date.  We always have something to get prepared for whether its a Hurricane or even a winter storm.    I have placed some pictures in my flickr feed on this website of our preps here at the Lil’ Suburban Homestead.   We are stocked up on all of our supplies, we have our cars all filled up with gas, we have lots of water and now we are being smart and staying inside.  We are not in an area where a lot of flooding occurs but no one ever really knows what a hurricane is going to do until it happens.   I am saying prayers and sending good thoughts for all of those that are affected by this hurricane.  coincidentally today is my husband and my 22nd Wedding Anniversary…..we are celebrating with our children and eating steak burritos and brownies at home.   My next blog is going to be on these marvelous lime green orbs my friend Katherine keeps sharing with me her lovely tomatillos!  I have been making Salsa Verde like mad and it is so delicious!  So make sure to come on back to the Lil’ Suburban Homestead!   Stay safe everyone!

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