Perfectly Pleasant Peaches

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Our friend Terry gave us some peaches from his yard and words just cannot describe how delicious they were.  They were fresh and they had that perfect balance between sweetness and tartness.  So after eating one I decided not to can them where I had to add sugar but to freeze them so we could leave them tasting almost as good as they were fresh off the tree.  Fruit is not inexpensive I say this as I just paid about $7.00 for some grapes.  I try to buy fruit when its fresh and local at our local farmers markets or we grow what we can, sometimes we get really lucky and a friend shares their harvest but my last resort is to buy fruit at the grocery store.  Freezing fruit is super easy with peaches all you have to do is wash them, then blanche them so that the skins slide off, then you pit them, slice them and they are ready to go into freezer bags.    It is such a treat when you pull them out at a later date often I eat them still slightly frozen rather than adding them to a pie!   The next time a neighbor or friend tells you to come over and pick some peaches or any fruit don’t turn them down…..the rewards in the middle of winter are priceless!

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