Is Camping Back In?

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Well I say camping never went out of style however for the mainstream population it has come back in and it has come back in style with increasing volume since 2008.  For my family since we have always tent camped and then more recently acquired a vintage 1977 Apache Mesa camper it is even difficult at times to find a campground that is not just an RV campground however there are still lots of campgrounds around sometimes you just have to do a little investigative work.  Over the years I heard people say to me well once you get to a certain age you won’t enjoy camping – well I do agree I don’t enjoy sleeping on just a sleeping bag on the ground anymore but that is just about the only thing I don’t enjoy about camping.  We have nice comfortable beds in our pop up camper and a little stove and an ice box (not a refrigerator) and its very small so this does take some time management on our part.  I found this article here on “Camping Making A Comeback” which is a great article so read on if you are considering a camping outing soon as we are.  I would love for all the serious campers to post on this thread what you love about camping!  My family went camping a lot when I was growing up for me as a child my favorite memories are of sitting around a camp fire and roasting marshmallows and making s’mores!  I think families who take their children camping even just once a year allow some closer family connection time and that applies to teens as well.  Sometimes we just have to say….”Your coming, it’s not optional…”…although I don’t play that card often.  This past summer my husband, my son, my brother-in-law and myself all went up to Cherokee, NC and Asheville, NC and we had such a wonderful time and great memories.  We ate grilled trout over a fire, my son went tubing down the river with one of our RV neighbor’s who had an extra tube for him, my tent neighbor and me engaged in a great conversation as I found out she was an Angora goat farmer,  we also went fishing and just spent time together by the river in the outdoors.  Time is something we really don’t get back with our family so its something I treasure.  Yes there are mosquitos in the summer so bring bug spray and citronella candles, Yes it gets hot sometimes so bring fans, and sometimes your food burns but that’s all part of the adventure.  The advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages.  So have you been camping lately?    Thanks for stopping by our Lil’ Suburban Homestead!

5 thoughts on “Is Camping Back In?

  1. I love the relaxation we get while camping. We still tent camp (in our mid and late 40s!) but we have to have an inflatable mattress now, arthritis and staring 50 in the eye don’t mean you can’t enjoy camoing anymore, we just have to adjust a little.

  2. We started camping with our sons when they were 3, 5 & 5. They are now 16, 19 & 19. Some of our best memories have been made at the campgrounds. For boys, it’s an especially fun activity. We started off tent camping & then we bought a travel trailer. We sold it this past winter. Now that everyone is older & working, it’s hard to find to go. I know our sons will camp with their families some day, so our camping days aren’t over completely. Hope you enjoy it & make great memories of your own. {Oh, one last thing, you featured my pumpkin muffins on the farm blog hop a few weeks ago & I have tried to add your button but it seems to be broken. I thought maybe you may want to look into that. Thanks so much for the feature!}

    1. Angela so glad you stopped in! Yes I have your muffins on my very short list to cook soon it has just been so busy around here! They look amazing! I love camping just wish we did more of it. Which button didn’t work are you referring to our Featured on The Farm Blog Hop Button? Thanks so much for stopping in good to hear from you!

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