Tip #1-3 On Preparing For an Emergency…It’s not if…It’s When…

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It’s Hurricane Season here at the coast so for that reason alone everyone should have a decent supply of water put aside, flash lights, batteries, a box of canned food, I always have canned food in our pantry even though I am way light on canned food this year too light for my comfort actually. Anyways here are some things you can have on hand if you are not prepared….matches, flash light, and a multi-tool. Starting slow is okay.

Make sure you are stocked up on canned food.  I have food I am not crazy about canned ham, spam, and corned beef hash in my Hurricane Box.    Just think what do I need?   I think the press says a gallon of water per person a day but I will post more about water later.  So to sum it up my first three tips:

#1 flashlight in purse and flashlights and candles in your Hurricane box.

#2 have a source to heat up food –  We have a propane stove and a grill so those would be are main methods of heating up food but I will talk about more alternative/back up solutions later in this feature of posts.  Go to the Survival Solutions’s Blog to get Soda Can Stove Instruction’s – Very cool!

#3  have some canned and dried food on hand

Tips #4 -#6  Coming Soon!  Question to ask yourself….do you feel like you and your family are prepared for an emergency?  Whether you are married or  you are single and live alone do you have a few things set aside in an emergency kit?

You have to check out the video here on how to make a Tuna Oil Burner – he actually does this with the tuna still in the can!  It’s very entertaining!

This book is a great book to have on hand for reference.  I own it and it covers everything from building an outdoor shelter, to identifying edible plants and recognizing poisonous snakes.  It covers life saving information for those that would need to know how to subsist in the wilderness maybe by choice or not.

Survival Wisdom & Know - How

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