Holiday Gift Idea No.1 – Pot Holders For The Non Sewer

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I actually am not sure who turned me on to this project but 2 years ago I think it might have been my friend Debi…nevertheless I wanted to make some homemade gifts and I stumbled onto this idea and this is actually the project that got me sewing again because I was like I could do that.

As with most of my sewing projects I learn them online via You Tube yes You Tube is my favorite on-line learning network.  Talented people share their knowledge with folks like me and I watch the video over and over until I get it right.   I also learn through blogs but I have to tell you as much of a pain as it is to upload video is my favorite media to learn with I think it is because I am an auditory learner and a visual learner so then I can push pause go do the hands on portion and then come back to learn some more.  I also need lots of repetition I am absolutely NOT like the Viking in my life Eric who gets things the first time he sees them.  I used to be jealous of that can’t you tell I am so over it now 😉

This is the video I watched to learn how to make potholders.  They always come out nice and she offers a very simple and concise tutorial on this video.

You will love these pot holders I know I did I love any project that gives me instant gratification.  Now I will say the first time I made them I did not put the special heat-resistant fabric in the middle I highly recommend doing that if not they become more or less hot pads which are a nice gift as well and the way these are made you can easily put in a lavender or rosemary sachet in the middle of one so that every time you put a  hot dish on it, it will release a wonderful scent.  Another really neat thing about this project is that you can customize your fabrics for the person you are giving them to.  Music notes fabric for your childs music teacher, italian theme for your friend’s kitchen that is all decorated in olives and wine bottles (etc…)

If making pot holders isn’t for you I will have some other projects for those that have no inclination to sew at all.  Although sewing is a good skill to have in my opinion just to be able to mend your clothing and in this economy I think many of us will be doing a lot more mending.  Thanks for stopping in at our Lil’ Suburban Homestead!

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