A “YardSaling” We Will Go

Do you have the tools you need to get the job done?

Recently my husband, my daughter and I went “Yard Saling” we always stop for bagels and pack our coffees and then we are off!  This past Saturday was one of those lucky “Yard Saling” days and we had some major finds by our standards.  First of all it is very hard to find good quality kitchen ware without paying a good price for it but I found more than a few things and I love a good bargain 😉

The first item I found was a vintage Androck Pastry Cutter made in Canada very good quality which sells on Ebay for about $9.99 for $1.00!

The next item I found was a tiny biscuit cutter for .25 cents this was more of a novelty item for me.  I love the little wooden handle on it and I can make appetizers with it of some sort.

Another item I found was a parsley/herb mill which sells online for about $16.00 for you guessed it another $1.00.

The last item we found which is not pictured but it was in excellent condition was a Nesco American Food Dehydrator for only $3.00 they no longer make the model we picked up though but I think you can get it on Ebay for about $29.00 we needed an extra food processor to dry the super spicy peppers we have in the garage.

It will probably be a couple of weeks before we go on a “Yard Saling” adventure again….I wonder what we will find next time!

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