Tips #4-6 On Preparing For an Emergency…It’s not “IF”…It’s “WHEN”…

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Okay so we all know it’s not “If” an emergency happens but “When” an emergency happens so this is why I will continue to add to this topic on my blog and I will try to fairly regularly keep some conversation going about preparedness because it’s not really one of my favorite topics.  I personally am not super crazy about thinking about being prepared for the worst but it doesn’t hurt to have your ducks in a row…..

Okay to Recap Tips #1-#3 covered the following:

#1 flashlight in purse and flashlights and candles in your Hurricane box.

#2 have a source to heat up food –  We have a propane stove and a grill so those would be are main methods of heating up food but I will talk about more alternative/back up solutions later in this feature of posts.  Go to the Survival Solutions’s Blog to get Soda Can Stove Instruction’s – Very cool!

#3  have some canned and dried food on hand

Now here are tips  #4 -#6  

#4 Buy yourself a good Emergency Preparedness Book (by the way everything I refer here on my blog I am not making any money with so if I am recommending you to go somewhere you can certainly choose any portal of your choice).  I know I have recommended Survival Wisdom in the  past blog post but the Foxfire books are a great source for getting back to basics as well.  I don’t know if they are available at your local library or  not but I have purchased my husband some copies off of Ebay.

#5  Watch a survival show from time to time on TV.  My new favorite survival show is Dual Survivors on the Discovery Channel.  Here is a clip from that show.  It’s highly entertaining and you can glean a lot of great survival tips.  True we may not all end up stranded in the jungle but they recently had a show on what to do after a hurricane disaster event in your area it was very good and I am talking as someone who lives in a hurricane disaster zone.

#6  Always have duct tape on hand……this is a MUST…this isn’t optional.  Here is a video on the many survival/emergency uses of duct tape.  Watch this video you will learn a lot!  I am definitely going to subscribe to Peak Survival on YouTube they had lots of great information!

Tips #7-#10 are coming soon!

I know I am going to sound repetitive but you need to ask yourself these questions over and over.  Do you feel like you and your family are prepared for an emergency?  Whether you are married or  you are single and live alone do you have a few things set aside in an emergency kit?  I hope you find continuing this conversation from time to time is useful and helpful to your homestead as well.

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