Baby Gifts Made With Love

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A friend of mine is soon to have her next baby and I wanted to make her something hand-made,  filled with love,  and unique.  Lets face it after going to Target and Walmart and Baby’s R Us while their were tons of gifts they were not exactly what I was looking for and I really like for people to have sentimental gifts that they can say “Oh a good friend of mine made those for me!”

So I decided to make her homemade burp cloths so I searched the web for a website that seemed to have a design I liked.  I used Jill’s pattern here @ Homemade by Jill but I forgot to fray the edges…..Mine turned out cute but next time I will definitely remember to fray the edges….I told you guys I have novice sewing and pizza making skills but I keep trying.  Maybe that is why I post here so you all can continue to encourage me and we can learn from each other!  By the way if you love to make clever homemade things you will love Jill’s blog spot!  Make sure to check it out!

I have some more baby gifts to make soon I will try Jill’s pattern again but this time I will fray the edges and I will let all of you know how I like the results!

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6 thoughts on “Baby Gifts Made With Love

  1. Yes I didn’t fray mine on the edges which I actually like that look so I am going to try it next time but I also used just terrycloth on one side and flannel on the other. I was thinking of making more this week and whats really great about this project Katherine is I have never met a mother who had enough burp cloths. I just wish I had known about these when my kids were babies…I just used receiving blankets and the plain white cloths. You should definitely break out your sewing machine 😉

  2. Those look darling, and very functional. I’ve also been sewing some baby stuff lately, as my daughter, granddaughter and a friend all had new babies in the last few months. One thing I made that is similar in shape and technique is changing pads. Same idea, only larger. I also used a layer of ripstop nylon on the inside with the batting to make them somewhat resistant to moisture soaking through. I’ll have to give the burp cloths a try!

  3. Those are adorable! I have always preferred handmade gifts to store bought. Handmade gifts create such a warm feeling. To me, it shows that the person card enough to spend time on creating a gift for me, a gift they felt was perfect for me.

    1. I agree there is just something special about something made just for that person……my daughter received hand knitted jackets, blankets, and caps -she was my first baby. My son received a few handmade items too but I was no longer working with Seniors at that point so he did not fare as well. 😉

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