Built In Bookshelves For Under $125.00!

My husband and I are always looking for clever ways to store things, and to keep up with our ever-expanding collection of books, sentimental items, cool finds etc……

We both are collectors we just collect different types of stuff!  I collect books first and foremost and then a few other odds and ends and he collects the coolest stuff just unusual finds like vintage oil lamps and bottles and between both of us we have a few items we cannot resist such as old canning jars and that sort of thing.

We also collect magazines….we have a huge collection of Backwoods Home Magazines and Mother Earth News magazines too.

However my husband “The Viking in my life” has a knack for finding things and he knew I wanted to have floor to ceiling shelves in our living room and as fate would have it someone on Craigslist advertised that they had free shelving and my husband taking a risk went and looked at it and it was in amazingly good shape.    The great thing about us re-using something someone else doesn’t want is that it also makes this project a “sustainable” endeavor.  We did not have quite enough to finish the job though so he had to purchase a little bit more lumber and trim and of course paint to finish the job.

The ladder in the final picture was a “dumpster dive” find you gotta’ love it!  Slowly but surely our Lil’ Suburban Homestead is becoming the little beach cottage I always dreamed of.

Thanks for stopping by our Lil’ Suburban Homestead and remember when you see an ad on Craigslist or in the paper it might not be too good to be true…..it might just be meant for you!  Stay true to your visions and dreams and keep up the homestead journey!
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5 thoughts on “Built In Bookshelves For Under $125.00!

  1. Oh, do I have gook shelf envy! But, you have inspired me!!! Great job you two! Thanks for sharing this on the hop! I LOVE IT!

    1. Teresa they actually turned out way better than I imagined….you know the creative process just takes over…..although I the only thing I can take credit for is envisioning what it would look like! Thanks for hopping over here 😉

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