I made a blog badge but its a work in progress….

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I posted my blog badge or button whatever you want to call it but its a work in progress.  I love the cleome picture my Mom actually took this when she visited this past summer and it just reminds me of great things…..for one my Step Dad’s Mom gave him some Cleome seeds and I got a few which I have treasured they are from the Deep South in Alabama.  For those of you who do not know my Step Dad passed away this past Spring we all mourn his loss still but the Cleome is a legacy that he passed on to me.  We collect their seeds at the end of summer so they can grow again another season.  Also my Mom loves Cleomes and I do too!  Also many people don’t know that Cleome’s actually repel mosquitos another great item to have around your homestead and we usually have them all around the yard!  I will be updating the font this weekend but I have a football game to go to tonight and that totally takes priority!

If you would like to post my badge or button and share the good news about suburban homesteading I would be thrilled and if you would like me to post yours let me know I will try to fit as many as I can on my page!

Thanks for stopping in our Lil’Suburban Homestead!
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