Movie Review: Queen of The Sun: What are the bees telling us?

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A "gem" of a movie!

This movie was given to me as a gift from my Mother in law.  I absolutely loved it and if you love bees or would like to learn more about bees specifically the honey bee this is an absolutely fabulous movie to have in your collection.  Make sure to check out the official movie site here:  Queen of the Sun:  What are the bees trying to tell us?  The pictures I have posted are of our bees drinking the sugar mixture my husband mixes up for them it is not made from high fructose corn syrup and they sure do love it!

The Bees Feeding On Homemade Sugar Syrup Not High Fructose Corn Syrup. This syrup is made in a way that helps the bees more easily convert this sugar into honey.

I already knew that we need the bees more than they need us but there was a lot I learned through this movie that I did not know before for one while I knew that honey was healthy for us I had no idea the exact compounds and specific properties that make that happen this movie touches on that very subject.

I knew that company’s like Monsanto are out there spraying the fields and harming the bees with chemicals and  pesticides but this movie shows you clearly whats going on and that for best bee keeping practices chemicals need to be eliminated.

Is this movie like the Vanishing of The Bees?  I think its different I think it goes one step further in really continuing on the conversation what is going to be the “fix” for the bees well thats uknown but we clearly know what is not working and its not through more use of pesticides and chemicals.  I loved this movie so much so if you can find this movie or get your hands on it and you are as passionate about bees as we are you won’t want to miss it!  I do know its not currently available on instant streaming with my movie company that I am using at this time although it should be 😉

Here is a clip of this movie via YouTube:

Hopefully as movies like this advocate for the life of one of our most treasured resources “the honey bee” our future for all generations will be brighter and maybe we can all have a more optimistic outlook on topics such as the “vanishing of the bees” and “what are the bees trying to tell us?”

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!  Oh by the way my  Friday night Pizza Challenge has been moved this weekend to the Saturday night Pizza Challenge so come on back!
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4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Queen of The Sun: What are the bees telling us?

    1. Timing is everything 😉 He made a batch today and the post is coming tomorrow….when I read your post I had another one of those “I can’t believe it” moments…we are definitely working too closely together…ha ha LOL!

  1. Thanks for letting me borrow this movie. It was wonderful! Loved the beautiful cinematography.
    Learned more about the bee crisis and ways to help.
    4 Stars from me!

    1. Lisa I am so glad you liked it and you gave it 4 stars and I am glad you are entering the world of bee keeping as well! Every time one of us joins the fold I believe the bees will slowly get back on track……I am hoping anyway.

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