Vintage Pastry Mat – Tools of The Trade Item No. 1

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My Vintage Tupperware Pastry Mat

I was fortunate enough to have my Step Mom give me this wonderful vintage 1970’s Tupperware Pastry mat. If you can get your hands on some of these items for your kitchen you will find that they will be invaluable to you in your cooking endeavors and something that you will use again and again!  I love this mat because not only it saves me using wax paper over and over so its “sustainable”……aaaah we forget how often that we say we want to be sustainable but are the items we are using in our lives actually sustainable?….sorry for being so redundant but you catch my meaning. 😉

Look in the photo below and you will see that Tupperware really thought of everything for the at home kitchen baker and conveniently listed substitutions, equivalents, instructions to make pastry for a pie, and directions to make biscuits.

Believe it or not back in the late 80’s I was a Tupperware Consultant……I realized quickly that sales was a lot more than having a good product you had to have that sparkle………I was not passionate about Tupperware but I am extremely passionate about homesteading….can you tell?

I have seen this particular mat on Etsy for $20 and as low as $6.99 on Ebay.  There may be other pastry mats on the market but this one is so easy to clean, and it just rolls up and fits right in my Tupperware cabinet….big surprise that it would be stored there right?

Do you use something similar to this mat that might benefit our readers?  Please share if you do.

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14 thoughts on “Vintage Pastry Mat – Tools of The Trade Item No. 1

  1. I used to have one exactly like this! My mom gave it to me years and years ago. I don’t know what happened to it, lost in a move more than likely. It was excellent and so useful and congrats to you on having one!

  2. I’ve still got one exactly like that! Don’t remember when I got it, could well have been the 70’s, and I still use it, talk about sustainable. I really like that it has the basic pie crust & biscuit recipe right on it. It is still in great shape, a few superficial cuts but totally functional. Your post notches up the appreciation level I have for it!

    1. Maggie you know its when I go to other people’s blogs or as I say visit my Kindred Spirits I realize with appreciation how much many of us are bonded by our enjoyment of homesteading activities and our tools of the trade 😉

  3. That is great! If I can find the link, I know of a gal who makes oil pastry cloths as well,,… very important in today’s kitchen of homemakers! Thanks for sharing this with the farmgirls!

  4. Hi! I just came across your blog from the Friday FarmHop! I used to have one of these Tupperware mats too, but it died a very crinkled death and so out of necessity, I came up with what I dubbed The Oklahoma Pastry Cloth™ and started a business. If you are curious, you can find it at Custom sizes are available all the way to 4′ x 4′ Thanks for the memories!!!

    1. Yours look very cool and old fashioned! Thanks for sharing! I also stumbled across a site where you can make your own pastry mats if you love to sew and our industrious as I am here: and read her entire site because it discusses how it is important to use oil cloth that is BPA free. Although if you are not one who likes to sew another affordable option I noticed Amazon had one on their site for $6.99 so there are lots of options out there folks!

  5. I have had two of those in my lifetime. One given to me by my mother. It had started staining and then it started getting brittle and cracked on me. I had to toss it.

    The other one I found at a thrift store. I gave it to oldest dd. I’m not sure if she still has and/or uses it or not. I gave it to her because the thing kept sliding around on the counter on me. Aggravated me.

  6. I have mine from the who knows when…about 35 or 40 years ago….Plus I have one that I picked up at a yard sale….like new. for 25 cents.

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