A House Filled With Music

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A painter paints pictures on canvas.  But musicians paint their pictures on silence.  ~Leopold Stokowski

 Not only are we blessed to have such a loving and close family we are blessed to have our wonderful daughter who fills our house up with music and who is a wonderful entertainer and I am not just saying that because I am her Mother.

Think about the times you have been at a family function and “Uncle Jimmy” brings his guitar out or  another family member sings some songs around the campfire. Music provides family with tons of entertainment. Just recently my daughter entertained my son and his friends at his Halloween party! Music heals the soul and it is for all ages.

Sometimes I will just be curled on the couch with a good book or watching the news…. and my daughter filled with enthusiasm will ask us to let her play for us…..I am always in awe when she says this and once you hear her you will understand….of course I am going to stop and listen to her.  She has a voice like velvet and I never tire of it;   the more shocking thing to me is that my husband and I who cannot sing are her parents 😉

  I am sharing with all of you a glimpse into our “House Filled With Music”.  Enjoy!
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PS – Gratitude No. 2 for November – I am grateful to my husband who is with me through good and bad.  Who has picked me up when I have fallen down (literally ;)..).  I am grateful that he humors me when I am running around used book stores with a stack of mushroom books in hand or I am excited about one of the chickens laying an egg.  I love how he will leave an egg in the nesting box for me because he knows how much I love to find them still!    He always is enthusiastic about the things I am enthusiastic about and will embrace new ideas.  On Music we have never agreed exactly but we have found a middle ground as we have aged.  I am blessed every day I roll over in the bed and he is there.  To the love of my life my heart is filled with gratitude.

6 thoughts on “A House Filled With Music

  1. Beatuful words of gratitude. And, your daugher has mad skills in the music deparment! Tell her Bravo!!!! Does she perform? We have something in common, we have a house full of music too! Our daugher plays piano and gutiar. She’s a composer singer song writier.. You’ve inpsired me to share her recent video on my blog too! Thank you for sharing yours on Farmirl Friday!

  2. Beautiful young lady, beautiful voice. I am the in the opposite situation… raised in a musically inclined and musically educated family generations deep but no talent myself. Oh well!

    I am a seasoned audience, however, and your daughter has a gift!

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