Our Fun Fondue Pot Experience

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Recently my husband came home with a beautiful Swiss made Copper Fondue Pot.  The alcohol burner on it was in really bad disrepair but this was one of those vintage finds I was really excited about.  It is gorgeous and very retro!    My husband got the burner up and running in good working condition and we were ready to have our first fondue.

We had my son’s Annual Halloween Party and the fondue out on the coffee table and we were all chatting in the kitchen when one of our guests notice that the fondue pot was on fire and it was boiling over.  We have learned that someone has to monitor the burner at all times 🙂  This is one of those more frivolous “Tools Of The Trade” but nice to have around for get together’s and party’s.

Believe it or not we did eventually have fondue and it was wonderful – here is the fondue recipe:

Lil’ Suburban Fondue

(I cook this up before I put it in the fondue pot in a double boiler and then I put it in the fondue pot to keep warm)

4 oz. beer (any brand is fine….probably your favorite is what would be available)

8 oz. cheddar

2 oz. swiss cheese

1 tsp. garlic powder

2 tsp. Worcestershire

2 1/4 TBS. flour

1 tsp. dry mustard (ground from fresh mustard seeds in a Mortar and Pestle) or you can buy already ground mustard too.

Okay cook all this up in a double boiler or in my case I use a pot full of water and then kind of a deep metal bowl on top but I make sure the water gets it wet until about half way up.  Then once its all melted transfer to the fondue pot.

I like to serve it with sliced apples, grape and bread it’s actually basically a meal.

Fall is the perfect time for fondue!  Hope you enjoy it!

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PS – Gratitude No. 9 for November is for all of our friends “Old” and “New” all of who fill our life with adventure and who have been there through good times and bad.  We are truly blessed!

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