Honey Ham & Turkey Disasters and Why Its No Big Deal!

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Our family starts to arrive in town for Thanksgiving tomorrow we are so excited to see all of them and spend time with them.    Who doesn’t want to spend time with family, and eat all that wonderful holiday food. A table loaded with a beautiful glazed turkey, sweet potatoes, green bean casserole and hot homemade stuffing just to name a few items.  In spite of my best efforts over the years I have had a few disasters….I have burnt the rolls,  I have made dry stuffing,   we have had a dry turkey and we have even had dogs from separate households that haven’t gotten along thrown in with the mix.  Hey when you have been married for 22 years you are going to have lumpy gravy sometimes that’s just how it goes.

But we are not the only one’s who have had a Turkey disaster as this following clip shows from A Christmas Story “The Dogs Eat The Turkey”:

Sometimes even the best of cooks/household managers have to give up our Norman Rockwell expectations and just not stress over perfection and enjoy the moment and even just be able to take a deep breath and laugh at yourself or the situation.

Here is a movie clip from Christmas With The Kranks – “The Honey Ham” that I think we can all relate too:

This scene made me laugh because my Mom asked me to pick her up her Pillsbury Pie Crust yesterday because I put her in charge of making the pies when she got here and she was worried they would run out.  That rarely happens here where we live but it does happen where she lives sometimes.  We did not need to fear Pillsbury is on their game and their was tons of pie crust ready and waiting!

One year we got home late on Christmas Eve with nothing open my husband and I pulled out a frozen buffet we had purchased at Costco and invited our neighbor over and we had fritos and dip and some sort of canape’…I can’t even remember and we turned on “A Christmas Story” and had a great evening!  Yes it was different but we were still all together.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy! So you burnt the rolls who cares…its probably not going to be the last time.  Is your green bean casserole too salty just have everyone drink more to stay hydrated…..  You may take a minute to get over your holiday angst but try to take a deep breath and embrace the moment!  Enjoy the holidays folks and enjoy time with family you don’t get to see very often and most of all have a sense of humor!  I would love it if everyone wanted to share one of their holiday disaster stories that turned out okay in the long run………for the Kranks they got to enjoy their daughter coming home and for the family in A Christmas Story they gave up and went out for a Chinese Dinner.

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PS:  Gratitude No. 14 for November I am thankful for all the comedians, cartoonists, animators, entertainers, actors, and actresses that remind us to laugh!  Laughter is truly the best medicine!

PSP:  If you are on your way to visit me I promise I won’t burn the rolls this year…..(Fingers Crossed)

7 thoughts on “Honey Ham & Turkey Disasters and Why Its No Big Deal!

  1. It’s hard to have a holiday disaster when there is only two of you. 🙂 And since neither one of us likes turkey, that isn’t an issue. We have had pizza a few times. This year I made a big dinner yesterday that we will eat the leftovers of all week. I’ll be thankful to not have to clean up a dirty kitchen! My disaster may be if he eats it all before Thursday though!

  2. So true….however aren’t the stores open on Thanksgiving now a days its not like it used to be when you worried about running out of something! I remember worrying about my Dad running out of gas once on a family road trip we were in the middle of nowhere! 😉

  3. Before I knew better, I took a “lowfat” pecan pie to my mother in law’s house for Thanksgiving! I’m sure you can imagine it didn’t turn out very well. Not to mention, it wasn’t even really lowfat….. Of all things to take to a family function. LOL

  4. Mistakes and disasters are always a part of family get togethers. It helps you remember the most important reasons for being together….your love for each other, and in our family, the way we make each other laugh! One year, during the holidays, I decided I would try the Southern Living “chocolate in the middle” cheesecake. I was perfecting my cheesecake baking and wanted to try one a little different. It came out perfect and everyone was so excited about what the inside would look like. (You put chocolate chips in the center, then cover with more cheesecake for chocolatey surprise!) Because we all wanted to try it sooner, than later, I had the BRIGHT idea to sit it outside the back door in the snow covered in a towel. DUH! 15 minutes later I went out to find the towel ripped away and a huge gouge in the middle….neighborhood dogs! OH WELL….live and learn! We ended up making some pies and everyone got a good laugh, at my expense! That’s what our family is best for anyway….laughter! Of course, my brother has never let me live that one down….

  5. We spend Thanksgiving with friends and if they have had any disasters they have kept them well hidden. Have a wonderful day with your family.

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