Building Your Own Bottom Boards For Your Bee Hives

Building Your Own Bottom Boards For Your Bee Hives


build your own woodenware bottom boards for your bees

This past weekend the Viking in my life built some bottom boards for our bee hives.  It was a project that went fairly quickly one of those projects to do over the Thanksgiving weekend.

He fashioned a design similar to the  “Beltsville Screened Bottom Board” its kind of like a false bottom instead of a screen bottom board and it sets about an inch or so above the existing bottom board.  This allows the screen to catch mites and other stuff that doesn’t belong in the hives.


If we had purchased these online we would have had to pay about $12.00 a piece plus shipping plus he has extra supplies remaining for future bottom boards.  This project saved us approximately 50% percent of expenses give or take a few bucks when it comes to bee keeping any savings is money in the bank or a higher quality honey and lower cost to you.

As always thanks for stopping by our Lil’ Suburban Homestead! Wishing you all a beautiful week until next time…..


PS:  Gratitude No. 17 for the month of November is I am grateful for my imagination.  I was sitting on a stone pylon yesterday at the beach and I turned to my brother in law and said I can just imagine that I am trapped on top of this pylon their is water swirling all around me and all I have is this stuff in my bag.  My glasses, my book, 2 candy canes, and a bottle of water.  Wouldn’t last me long but it makes you think about a situation for a minute and I can truly picture it happening.  He was not sitting on a pylon so he could have been in trouble with all that water swirling in and so could my husband who was fishing and my son who was digging in the sand for that matter but I didn’t want to share that was crossing my mind as well.

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