Happy Holidays From Our Homestead To Yours

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The Holidays are in full swing here at Lil’ Suburban Homestead the gals even got their swag on and decorated the coop!

They have been able to score some extra holiday treats lately….you can tell in this picture below that they are very happy to see me!

Here is a picture of my antique sewing machine covered with a Christmas tablecloth made in Italy with just simply a soup tureen laid upon it which I so plan to fill with shrimp Creole this holiday season!

My hutch in the dining room is set up to have Homemade Christmas gifts close at hand for friends and family that may stop in.  I try to keep glasses, condiment dishes, spreaders, and even nuts for people to crack close at hand.

Our Christmas Tree symbolically is the most important item we put up I think it’s because it is a symbol of hope it sparkles and shines at night and it reminds me of Christmases past and gives me hope for Christmases in the future.

I am one of those people who know where I have received every ornament on our tree. Here is a picture of my newest ornament “The Dragonfly” a symbol of the afterlife helping me to feel more connected with those we have lost recently.

Here is an ornament my son received from his Grandmother it is from Italy and it is quite unique I believe it is from Venice and it had the story of Pinocchio with it.

Ironically another Pinocchio on my tree this was an ornament my husband has had since he was a child.

My last ornament I am going to share is the first Christmas ornament my husband and I bought together I think we bought it at an “Ames” store or a “Kmart” funny its simple but it still means so much to me and 22 years later it’s still on our tree.

Wishing You A Peaceful Holiday Season!

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8 thoughts on “Happy Holidays From Our Homestead To Yours

  1. Very nice Christmas pictures! Love the ones of family on the card..I miss having everyone around to do a Christmas picture.

  2. I love your family Christmas card. I’m like you and remember when and where so many of my ornaments came from. I have a small tree in our parlor that has little wooden angels from a trip to Europe years back.

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