Cheap & Chic Christmas Centerpiece

I wanted to grace my table with a special holiday arrangement without breaking the bank.  This idea does the trick and you could also do this same concept for different seasons or different ideas….. you could fill the cylinders up with different colored stones even….for example if you are celebrating a high school graduate’s event you could fill the cylinders up with their school colors.

I have been out and about this holiday season and everywhere I have been I have seen a lot of people spending money on the little things.  You know the little items that add up at the cash register.   I stopped at A.C. Moore for three items for this project and many people were in front of me in line ringing up ribbon, paper notions, bells, new wreaths etc…….often people feel that decorating their home for the holidays has to be so expensive and I am here to tell you with some clever planning and some good luck as far as what you have in your yard it does not have to be expensive at all.  Even if you don’t have the plants in your yard most shopping malls or office buildings have these type of plants right in there parking lots or even a local park and you don’t need much at all for this project.

As luck would have it I have some holly bushes and cedar bushes and also a couple of small pine trees so the hardest part of this project was me going to the store for the three floating candles and then going into my yard with some snips to cut the needed greenery.

I looked online and the average holiday centerpiece runs about $39.99…..the centerpiece I created was only $6.00!  I learned this idea from one of our Arts & Crafts nights at a local gardening club that I am involved in I loved it immediately so the first thing my husband and I had to do was find 3 cylinders so we have picked them up for about $1.00 a piece and then I already had a charger, the floating candles were about $1.00 a piece and the greenery was free, the water was from our tap so there you go!  I hope you try this idea and let me know if you do and if you are pleased with the results.

You need:

3 glass cylinders (preferably different heights but as you see in my pic we have 2 the same height)

3 floating candles

1 charger or festive platter


and of course you fill the cylinders up with water until you get the water to the height you need for your floating candles.

Light candles!

Turn lights off and enjoy!

That’s all you need!  Happy Holidays From Lil’ Suburban Homestead!


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    1. Thank you so much Abbi for stopping in and leaving such a nice comment 🙂 I am having so much fun going through the “From The Farm” blog hop and getting ideas!!!! Have a wonderful holiday season!

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