An Early Christmas Gift – Blue Fish For Dinner

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Tonight was one of those magical evenings when we had a little time to kill so my husband, son, and I headed up to the beach to see if the fish were biting.  It’s one of the great things about living in Coastal North Carolina.  It can be 70 on Christmas or it can be freezing….we do have some cooler weather moving our way but today was beautiful but of course right as we parked at the beach tonight it started to drizzle and I was just relieved that my husband had packed my water proof coat.

After a nice hike to the ocean we set up our rods and then of course we wait…..we had waited about 10 minutes and another couple of men to the left of us were fishing to and they had gotten no bites so they packed up to leave as it was almost dark.  Right after they left my son and I both felt the tug we had been waiting for on our lines and we each reeled in a beautiful blue fish.

Many people in this area do not seem to care for bluefish but I am here to attest that blue fish is absolutely delicious if prepared properly and the other wonderful thing about it is that it is plentiful in the ocean.

This might not be everyone’s idea of an early Christmas Gift but it is mine…….My son and I reeling are lines in at the same moment with a fish is a great Christmas memory!

If you are not sure how to prepare Blue Fish and or if you have heard your whole life that it tastes horrible and haven’t tried it here are some links for you to check out….

Here’s an interesting You Tube Post on Cooking Blue Fish Italian Style  (The Blue Fish She is Cooking Up Are Huge)

and here is one more article:

How to Cook or Bake Blue Fish

The Blue Fish we catch here in Coastal North Carolina is tender and kind of has a sweet flavor.  I would have taken pictures up on the beach but since it was raining I didn’t and of course it would have been beautiful with the sun setting and the fish on the hooks but such is life.

Here’s to Blue Fish and Holiday Memories!

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