Natural Log Candle Holder – DIY Gift Idea

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lil suburban homestead - natural log candle holder

My husband the Viking In my life made this super clever Natural Log Candle Holder  DIY Gift Idea. My Mother In Law asked for this for Christmas five years ago and he finally got around to making it. It gets busy on our homestead.

To make this project you need a drill bit, some long screws, sandpaper, varnish and of course logs and branches that you find attractive.

It takes a little sizing to get the candles to fit in just right!

  • First find the right size drill bit to fit your votive holder and drill in the logs.
  • Second all you need to do is sand the actual recessed area where the votives will go and sandpaper down your logs just a little bit to make sure they are not too rough.
  • Next varnish the logs you can spray or paint this on and allow 24 hours for the logs to dry.
  • Lastly you can arrange the logs how you like and screw them together but you do want them to have an artful appearance.

All you need to do now is to place the candles where you want them and spark up your logs!


What a great holiday gift idea!

Happy New Years!


Karen Lynn

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