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One of the reasons I love blogging and blog hopping is because I get to travel to many places, learn many new things, and reflect on information from others all in the comfort of my own home………yes I am a homebody I love living in Coastal North Carolina.  I love that I live 10 minutes from work, I love that I run into somebody I know every time I turn around…. but you know I typically blog on homesteading topics which covers a lot of ground but I don’t just exclusively read homesteading blogs.  I absolutely love technology…..actually as I am mulling this over I have decided I need to get more education for myself on Technology related skills and topics because it’s truly a passion of mine.  Recently I watched about 15 hours of video on You Tube about cell phones and realized I kind of have a penchant for them although you wouldn’t know it as I carry my lavender blackberry around but I do a lot with it but I could be doing so  much more.  So I thought I would share with all of you some of the more eclectic blogs that have brought me joy or have just completely intrigued me this holiday season and maybe you will enjoy them too.

I know some people get blog awards etc…….I am not a big fan of that because I have been to so many blogs that are amazing and are not noticed for whatever reason maybe its because they are off the beaten track, or are on the road less traveled,  the topics they cover are not mainstream enough etc….I don’t really know I guess I could go around and give people awards but what would it mean… hopefully they will enjoy that they have made my list of “Blog Articles Off of The Beaten Track That Have Brought Me Joy”.


The first blog I want to mention is Inspired Beeing-

Bumble Beeing: On Story-telling, Science, & Magic at 3,000 m

I stopped by this site because we raise honey bees and I stumbled into Cat Jaffee who has just quit her job in June 2011….she is staying in an encampment at the edge of turkey and gun shots are going off around her….Her photos and description of her thoughts including eating the thick cheese and bread are just completely engaging!  Also she shares some interesting facts about bumble bees which I did not know….I feel like if I could close my eyes I could be with her in Turkey but truthfully I am just not brave so I will live vicariously through her.

#2 – The next blog I chose featured a blog on russian tea cakes made with pistachios….a little known secret is that I absolutely love the russian language and I love pistachios…enough reason right there to choose this blog to feature…but I also absolutely love photography!

Of Agates and Madeleines:  Christmas Cookie Redux:  Pistachio Russian Tea Cakes

Another blog I enjoyed at No. #3 just posted today was about the newest concept in the iphone the iphone SJ concept named after iphone’s visionary Steve Jobs… have to take a look at this phone….it is everything that is the iphone 4s only taken to new heights!  check it out @ Daily apple Break News 2.  It has a 10 megapixel camera in it….the color is clean and crisp but you have to see for yourself.

Thanks for listening to my rambles…..

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2 thoughts on “Blog Articles Off of The Beaten Track That Have Brought Me Joy

  1. Thank you for linking to my post – and thanks so much for your kind words:)

    I’d love to visit Russia someday, and I’d love to learn about the language as well. For now, I’ll have to settle for the few books I’ve read by Vladimir Voinovich !

    1. Emma I truly enjoyed your blog and I will be back to see what you are doing from time to time. We hosted our host son from Belarussia for a couple of years it was definitely a learning experience and one that was enjoyable!

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