In Honor of The Black Out Today On The Internet – Help Stop SOPA

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Click Here To Help Stop SOPA!  

Don’t know what SOPA is?

I love this post it is titled….Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge

I work in Education as it is it is we tap into this free knowledge on the internet on a daily basis….so I cannot imagine a world without free knowledge….this would be a sad thing.

Here is an example of the legislation from the article listed above:

Several of the provisions in SOPA force American Internet service providers or ISPs hosting websites to remove a site from the Internet if there’s a claim it’s infringing against copyright, even if it has not been fully proved in court. The argument is that this would make it easy for someone to make false or weak claims to take a website offline while the case makes its way through the courts. (National Post)

I didn’t know what it was…a co-worker had to enlighten me but I was thankful he did so when I saw this black out I didn’t panic…;)…I am kind of addicted to the internet but I don’t always pay attention to what is going on around me.

This article is great that is listed above because no one disputes that we need to crack down on thieves…..I was scammed with a gift card I bought over the holidays.   The issue is that it will give the government way too much control over the internet.

I don’t know about you but I have seen with government control that one thing just leads to another……and I am not going to delve very deep into this topic but I don’t want it I would just rather learn to be a better educated consumer and purchases from company’s that I know are legitimate.  I want to be free to talk about on my blog whatever I want.  While I do not want people taking images or articles  from Lil’ Suburban Homestead because that is my hard work I don’t know if I want everything we do scrutinized under the magnifying glass of the government.    So I don’t know what the answer is I am just not sure government management of this is what we need.

So I support this black out.  I think we need to Stop SOPA!

Have a great Wednesday everyone…although it feels like Tuesday!

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