“I’m Strong To The Finish When I Eats Me Spinach”

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I’m strong to the finish when i eats me spinach I’m Popeye the sailor man! toot toot (pipe)

The other night my husband and I were trying to decide on the best side dish to have and we were standing in the freezer aisle at the grocery store and I was just about to reach up and grab a couple of the boxes of the frozen chopped spinach you know the ones that used to be .99 cents a box that are now about $1.19 here and well I was looking at them and I mentioned having creamed spinach and I think he thought I was going to grab a pre-made version of creamed spinach which I was absolutely not going to do and he said “What is in it?”

And I said………(Drumroll….Please…..)

“Spinach and Cream”

Yes creamed spinach if you love it is that simple….well I of course add a little tiny bit of butter and salt and pepper too.

All you have to do is take one or two packages of frozen spinach depending on how large your family is and drain it through a large strainer.  Then put some butter in a pan and toss the spinach around until its evenly coated and salt and pepper it.  Then pour some cream over it to your taste and cook it up.  It is so delicious and one of the easiest side dishes you will ever make.

Don’t buy creamed spinach or broccoli in the frozen section of the grocery store you can make it yourself and you can make  a lot more of it for the price.  Health wise spinach is a power food and it contains lutein which is very important.  Lutein helps to prevent macular degeneration and promotes lunch and heart health.  Spinach is also loaded with calcium with or without the cream on top.  Remember cream has earned a bad wrap ….remember the French Paradox….the french eat a diet relatively rich in saturated fat yet have a lower incidence of coronary disease than Americans however in my opinion and from what I have read they eat a lot more whole foods and less sugar and of course a lot less fast food.  We have cut back so much on junk food and fast food but once again my son’s doctor said to him recently if it has a drive through don’t go there!  Great advice for all of us!

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!  Oh and yes I did grow up watching Popeye and I never understood how come Olive Oil had such a hard time making up her mind it seemed like a no brainer to me 😉


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14 thoughts on ““I’m Strong To The Finish When I Eats Me Spinach”

      1. Oh for sure I’ll be posting my Creamed Spinach and Pasta recipe soon. We had it a couple weeks ago! I’m pretty sure you will love it if you love the creamed spinach. It’s so cheap to make as well, fits in our budget!

  1. Today morning I got a call from my doctor with my blood test results and they said I’m terrible low in iron. Of course some pills were prescibed but starting today with beets latkes my diet will be rich in spinach and I’m definitely going to try our recipe. You’re right there is no point of buying something that is so easy and more healthy when made from scratch at home 🙂

    1. Well I hope you can get your iron up. I suffered from low iron for years and spinach and beets will do just the thing…..do you cook with cast iron pans? I try to but some recipes just taste better with stainless steel pans in my opinion.

  2. What a great idea. I don’t know WHY I haven’t added creamed spinach to a normal rotation of side dishes…I think I just kind of forgot about it! Thanks for the reminder and simple recipe! And I’m with you, Olive Oil was pretty dense…I had a crush on Popeye 😉

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