Spring Fever & More Winter Clean Up

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Spring is right around the corner it’s so close I even smelled its sweet fragrance on the wind the other evening before the storms came rolling in.  With Spring comes a long list of to do’s and lots of winter clean up if you are like us and do not love to work in the yard when its bitter cold.

Today was a beautiful day the kind of day you can’t wait to go home and just soak it all up.  It was so warm that I was actually dressed too warm for work and I was more than ready to put on a t-shirt and comfy shoes on.

This is the time of year when I get excited to see a flower budding, or just about anything new in the garden!  I also love to find grubs to feed to our chickens!

I cleaned the coop again, shoveled out all of the old debris out of the front flower beds and mulched.    My husband burned the debris this evening so we are making progress fairly quickly.

My main front flower bed out front is kind of a catch-all because we have existing plants, and then vegetables, and wildflowers for the bees, and my gardenia.  There is really no part of the yard that is not for edibles we try to plant food wherever it will grow but we need to have flowers they are food for the soul, the hummingbirds and the bees!

It has been a long week and tonight I treated myself to a rare unhealthy treat at the end of the evening but I am exhausted and I still have to get our gardening club newsletter and this time of year is particularly busy at work.

Happy Friday Eve!


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8 thoughts on “Spring Fever & More Winter Clean Up

  1. I am feeling your pain. For the past hour or so I have been trying to convince myself to leave the couch. So far, no luck. Thinking about just sleeping on it tonight. Saves having to move. 🙂 I transplanted a few things from cell packs into pots, but only about 40% of what I planted germinated. So I finished the reseeding that I started yesterday. It seems like right now there is always something to do every single day. I’m pooped.

    1. I know…….a gardeners dilemma…I was just telling “The Viking” my legs feel like jello tonight 😉 Just a sign that I need to be out in the garden more! Now that the warm weather is coming in that won’t be a big problem at all!

  2. Have a great weekend. I’ve been staring at these really long flower planter boxes in the backyard. They sit nicely on top of the brick retainer wall. The flowers inside are dead…and I”m thinking I could either plant more flowers or plant something edible 🙂 🙂 Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂

  3. It’s nice when you can get started on the spring clean up in the yard. We are a month away I imagine, that is if mother nature cooperates. Right now she is not…14 inches of snow yesterday.

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