All About Bees – Searching For Queen Cells

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This is the time of year when lots of Bee Keeping Clubs have field days for their members….my husband and I have been so busy on hour homestead we have not been able to make it to one of them and we were asked to host one this year but the scheduling just does not work for us this year unfortunately maybe next year!

My husband because of the Queen laying only drones had to kill the queen in one of our hives, he shook all of the bees out of the hive to let them walk back in and then he put a frame of fertile eggs from the other hive in this particular hive.   This footage is him checking for queen cells…I tried to zoom in as much as possible so you can see what he is looking at.

Basically we are trying to have the colony pick and choose their own queen instead of going out to buy a queen.


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13 thoughts on “All About Bees – Searching For Queen Cells

        1. Well where we live they have classes you take and field days and the like……and then a test at the end….its fun! We are members of three different bee clubs because its one of my husband’s passions!

  1. Bees are something both Mary and I really want to have – so we love to read posts about it to learn as much as we can! Thanks for all the wonderful info and the video!

  2. I would love to have bees, although I am pretty much scared to death of the thought of having to take care of them. And I’m not sure how they would do in my relatively cold climate – although we see bees outside in the garden every spring/summer…so they must be living somewhere around here 🙂

  3. Hi KarenLynn,
    I really enjoyed your video. My great grandfather was a beekeeper for more than 50 years. I am getting my first nuc of bees soon. I found a local mentor through the Country Extension office and he’s agreed to train me. He has hives in almond fields right now so that’s where I’ll be every other Saturday for a few months. I am very excited. Your posts last year were a great inspiration. Thank you to both you and Eric. Your posts are very helpful.

    1. Heidi I just saw this post….this is how it gets when you work full time and try to blog…and raise two teens 😉 I did see on your blog though that you got some bees! I am so happy for you I think you will love them I will continue to post and share our journey! I will let Eric know too 🙂

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