A Sneak Peek At Our New Raised Bed Colonial Garden

It’s not quite done yet but I couldn’t resist I had to show you all how much has been done but I am not showing you everything not just yet!

See the pile of rocks in the middle yes “The Viking” made a “DIY” fountain….you are not going to believe it!  I am going to actually share with you how he made this fountain very soon!  I am not getting close-ups on it yet but I have to say I absolutely love it and its a one of a kind fountain in my Colonial Garden and well I just feel so fortunate!   I dreamed of having a Colonial Garden with raised beds and a fountain in the middle and my husband made it all happen…..for less than $200.00 including the fountain and all of the dirt!  We may have one more expense with picking up some stones to lay at the base of the fountain.

You will be amazed at all this garden has planted in it right now!

We have the following planted:

radishes (German Giant and Purple Plum)
romaine lettuce
Bucarole Lettuce
Mesclun Lettuce Mix
Bunching Onions
Red Sails Lettuce
Bush Beans
Lima Beans
Cilantro In Two Different Raised Beds
Jerusalem Artichokes

Well this is all I am disclosing for now…more to come soon so stay tuned!

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12 thoughts on “A Sneak Peek At Our New Raised Bed Colonial Garden

  1. That’s awesome.. It’s not quite that nice here in Ontario so I’m jealous. Why the raised bed gardens? Is there a benefit or is it purely aesthetic as we just dig in the ground and plant our gardens.

    1. Dolly thanks for the compliment! That’s high praise coming from you and your wonderful photography skills….I have to say I loved your blog on the band that played and the pictorial you showcased 🙂 And yes I am so looking forward to the veggies!

    1. Bridget I have to say I could not wait to go out and plant the seeds! I will have to take some pictures of our other raised beds we have a couple around the edges of our yard too but they are not as pretty however definitely functional they are up-cycled from another man’s trash 🙂

  2. How lovely! Can’t wait till this fall when we will hopefully be doing the same (since we’re in Central FL and fall/winter is our main growing season). You make me itch! 🙂

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