Bedroom Make Over For A Teen Guy Part Two

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Bedroom Make Over For A Teen Guy Part Two

Well I never did show you all the “After” of my son’s bedroom now did I?  Well I can’t show you his closet yet….maybe one day we will get his closet to a point where I can.  But here is the Before Pic if you don’t remember….

Before Pic of my Teen Son's Room

Now here are the after pics….we made a photo wall of all of his athletic accomplishments.  These were purchased very inexpensively at A.C. Moore with a coupon and I think I got all of them for under $10.00.   My husband also hung up some hooks for his Backpack and Athletic Bag.

We also made sure he has an entertainment center as all teen boys these days love their Xboxes etc…..This is just a shelf my husband built and hung up on the wall…. a real space saver!

I think the real difference in his room though comes from the laminate flooring we finally put in…between that and the paint job of the new walls and trim that really makes all of the difference.  The entire room was re-done not including the floors for under $60.00 and lots of elbow grease.  Now this room did not end up being exactly the dream room I wanted we never did get in the new headboard I saw at Pottery Barn but once my son realized all the space he would lose from those he wasn’t that interested.  Here is the original post “Bedroom Makeover For A Teen Guy”.

My son has since added other pictures and photos to his walls and if you are wondering why the pictures are up so high on the wall….for those that don’t know my son is 6’4″ and often uses his bedroom to hang out in so we want the pictures to be safe 😉

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5 thoughts on “Bedroom Make Over For A Teen Guy Part Two

  1. Very nice! I really like the paint color and you are right that the flooring makes a big difference visually. It is also so much better for cleaning and health to not have carpeting. A few years ago, I switched my son from “whatever cartoon theme he was into” to a simple blue striped comforter and more grown up furniture pieces for his gaming systems and it has lasted (we just get or make more shelves as his collection grows).

    1. Rebecca it is so hard to watch them grow up, and pare down but my son’s bedroom has grown up with him. We even built him a a platform bed with room for a trundle underneath. Thanks for stopping in!

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