The Viking Splits The Hives

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My husband really loves beekeeping and one of his goals this Spring has been to keep a close eye on them so that he splits our hives before they swarm and has a new hive started.  We started last year with 2 Nucs and now we have 3 hives going out back and soon it will be 4!

Here is a video of him splitting the hives.  Remember we are sharing our experience and being transparent so I am not editing out anything so there may be some mistakes I am not sure I don’t remember but guess what the bees don’t know.    I think at one point in the video my husband was confused about what he had done but he figured it out.  The remarkable thing about bees is that they seem to know their bee business even better than we do!

***Follow Up *** – All three hives now have thriving queens this video was shot a couple of weeks ago we could not have asked for better news and we are quite pleased!

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10 thoughts on “The Viking Splits The Hives

  1. This is so cool. I didn’t realize they multiply over time. I can see where this could become somewhat of an obsession. Congrats on the success of your hives!

    1. Yes Simple P thats what they are all about! That was lesson one in Bee Keeping……it shocked me actually that the whole point in bee keeping is staying ahead of the bees before they swarm….however it is also the reason that makes bee keeping lucrative eventually everyone wants honey and you keep getting more bees!

    1. So glad Jim & Mary that you are enjoying these posts like I said we don’t edit anything out sometimes we don’t share footage where I am talking too much because that kind of defeats the point doesn’t it???? See you around in blog world! 🙂

  2. Salam hi i like what you do. Go ahead.

    Im a beginner,i used to read about bees first.
    So please If you have some books. Videos that can help me…

    Thank you.

    Nabil from Morocco

    1. Nabil we are going to have more beekeeping tutorials this season..If you subscribe to our newsletter you will be notified when we add new videos which will be coming for the bees as soon as early spring. Thanks so much for your kind words I so appreciate and please come back and visit anytime!

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