How old is too old?

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You know by most people’s standards regarding groceries the moment an apple gets soft the average person just chucks it in the trash.  People can really eat a lot of things they otherwise think are not edible.  For example a bowl of apples that are softening can still make a batch of fried apples.  My husband and I go to the mountains every fall to stock up on apples, cabbages, pumpkins, and other produce that will keep over the winter.  We got so busy this past year we did not get to all of our apples so recently we found some time and decided to process the last batch of apples into dried apples.    We store them and our cabbages in a refrigerator in the garage and while their appearance is less than ideal 6 months later they are still good and yummy they just have less moisture in them is all.

My cabbage when I pulled it out looked horrible but once you peeled  a couple of layers back it looked brand new and was delicious.  Why do we trust everyone else but ourselves.   True you should be careful about bacteria and germs but when we are talking about foods that nature designed to keep long-term that is less of a concern.

If it’s a food that is meant to be kept for long-term storage you may be able to keep it and still eat it much longer than you thought possible…….sounds scary to some maybe…but its not a risk at all and well I don’t mind if you don’t want to share my apples…not at all…;)

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13 thoughts on “How old is too old?

  1. The Handyman and I argue about the viability of foods all the time. Especially things like winter squash. Heaven forbid I buy one and then take a few weeks getting around to doing something with it. I get a lot of “when are we eating that” or “what are you going to make to go with that”. Makes me batty. If it bothers him so much he can always cook it himself! 🙂

  2. I use my sniffer instead of my eyes for de ding yea or nay …. Unless there is stuff growing on it…then the eyes when out…lol

  3. Funny, when I saw the picture my first thought was dehydrating. I buy at least 2 boxes every year that are meant for the dehydrator. We just finished the last of them. And yes, cabbage is a very good keeper if you ca get past the slime on the outside!
    My family gives me all the things that don’t get eaten by theirs. They all know I will do something with it and it will end up back at a family function and eaten without anyone knowing .

  4. I LOVE the rotten fruit and veggie cart at the grocery store (much to my husband’s dismay 🙂 Not really rotten, but aged fruit and veggies have tons of flavor and are great for baking and cooking.

  5. Even here in Upper Egypt, where I live with my husband, food is thrown away needlessly. It drives me nuts! They live below the poverty line and yet think nothing of throwing away perfectly good food!!! They think I’m nuts because I don’t!!!

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