Here Chickie Chickie Chickie…..& The Ole’ Saturday Homesteading Trading Post Ed. No. 24

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Our chicks came this past Tuesday and for some reason because of the Memorial Day Holiday it just flew by so fast that when the post office called me and told me they had arrived I could not believe it.  They are adorable and we are all enjoying getting to know them and I can’t wait to see what they will all end up looking like.  My husband The Viking In my life said that it has never been easier to pick up chicks at the post office 🙂  Cute…huh…LOL!  Here are some pics of these cuties!  My husband held them up for me tonight!  I was like everyone is going to want to see them…….aren’t they adorable?

The bad news is that we lost one chick today we don’t know why we have followed all the instructions the hatchery gave us.  The others are all doing great and are healthy though!  Since this was a brown egg layer mix from a hatchery I am not actually sure what all the chicks are they are mystery chicks!  I know for sure the black and white one my husband is holding is a barred rock.  The other two I have no clue yet but I know they are brown egg layers!

I cannot believe its Saturday once again and I haven’t posted a blog topic all week….. I guess between my computer crashing and re-arranging furniture and wrapping u the end of the school year I am just wiped out.  Nevertheless I would love to hear what you are up to this week!  I saw some new entries last week so maybe ya’ll will join us again this week!  Click below to link up to The Ole’ Saturday Homesteading Trading Post Ed. No. 24!  I can’t wait to see what all of YOU are doing on YOUR homesteads!   One of my topics soon is going to be on organization I have got to simplify!  Anyone else struggling with this?


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12 thoughts on “Here Chickie Chickie Chickie…..& The Ole’ Saturday Homesteading Trading Post Ed. No. 24

  1. Love your little chickies! Aren’t they a blast? You will love to watch them grow into their own personalities–they are just so adorable! 🙂

    Adding a few more links than usual to the Trading Post since I didn’t add any last weekend. Thanks for hosting, Karen Lynn!

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