Gimme’ A Break!

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Sometimes we have to carve out time for ourselves and our families to take in the weather, smell the roses and kick our feet up!  The past two weekends we have done just that and it has been so good for us!  We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth here in coastal  North Carolina and its so important for us to get out and enjoy it!

I know we often just feel like we have chores,  chores, chores, and more chores…..  So last weekend we took my son and his friend fishing on the boat and I went bike riding on Sunday just riding around my neighborhood for about an hour or so I just loved it!  The weather was perfect!

This weekend we went to the beach, hung out in the pool, and went to a cook out at our friends house!  Summer is here in all of its glory!  I go to bed with sand washed skin and the nights are balmy and fragrant.  It’s truly one of my favorite times of the year.  The boat and paddleboarding are not super cheap activities you have to have gas for the boat and paddleboarding costs by the hour but these are treats that are best enjoyed when the weather is not yet oppressive in coastal North Carolina!

I am enjoying this pause on the weekends because the school year is wrapping up and its a very stressful time of year and because in a couple of weeks (if that) I will be heading up to the big city to the big farmers market with my friend Lisa at The Way Grandmama Does It and we are going to load up on produce to can for the summer.  The work will begin!

Hope you enjoyed seeing what we are up to!  Wishing you all a beautiful week ahead!



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