It’s A Chicken Yurt

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It’s A Chicken Yurt

I can’t wait to share with all of you about the new chicken yurt that the Viking is building us!

Yes we are calling it a “Chicken Yurt” and we thought we would share some of the pictures from this project. Made with repurposed lumber; this was an easy choice since lumber is so expensive right now we thought we would use some more upcycled materials to keep expenses down so he had a huge amount of canvas material that is waterproof so we decided to wire the new coop in and then cover with the canvas although he sometimes changed how he layered this material due to waterproofing.  We also used a King Sized Canopy Bed Frame that was a dumpster dive find to serve as the aviary support and frame.  I do not know yet our total cost on this project but I will post when we finally share our finished product.  I hope that we have inspired those of you who want to keep chickens in a suburban homestead environment.  Please ask if you have any questions I have to say my husband The Viking in my life is quite handy however this could have been done without some of the specialty touches such as the little walkway ramp etc… Also it was soooo HOT today so we jumped in the pool and cooked dinner on the grill tonight.  I know he will be happy when this project is done.

Blog Update: In the entire time we had the chicken yurt (we had no issues keeping our feathered friends dry and warm)…also the entire project cost us under $150.00. We also had no predator issues during this time. Sadly this was placed on the deck behind our pool so we dismantled this coop and freecyled the nesting boxes to some lucky person and of course we saved most of the materials to repurpose for a future project of course!

Thank ya’ll so much for stopping by our Lil’ Suburban Homestead!  I love hearing your comments so please share your thoughts πŸ™‚



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17 thoughts on “It’s A Chicken Yurt

  1. thank you, Karen!!! I am flattered πŸ™‚ I have nothing to link up this week; this week was all about trips to the park, reading my book and crocheting… didn’t feel like blogging, although have some great recipes to share πŸ™‚
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. great post, thank you! Yes, my poor husband, daughter & son were sweltering all afternoon because we’re putting in a new pasture. So they were drilling holes and putting corner posts in and there are lots of rocks, of course, and lots of clay soil to try to get through. I was dealing with filling out a FAFSA/online Financial Aid form for my kids’ colleges. The deadline was tonight! So I had my own frustrating time in the house, mixing up passwords and user names and not being able to find this, that and the other thing. I was pretty happy to join them outside eventually! And the day all ended with a jump in the pool and then some late night sandwiches when we’d finished chips, salsa and guacamole(I couldn’t bear to turn the stove on!)
    Happy Summer!

  3. Great idea! It’s like me free chicken “pergola” we found, it had been a decorative way to cover a stumpin someone’s yard, took off 1 panel= chicken pergola!

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