On The Paper Warpath

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I am one of those people I admit that just has extreme difficulty in taming the paper tiger in my life.  Oh don’t get me wrong I read all the books on how to do it all….I even pin pins on Pinterest on being better organized and a lot of them are great.  Some are even too spendy for me like you have to get into a color coordinated system to sort it all out and no offense but some of these people in my opinion seem to enjoy spending their money on these expensive accessories and Yes their system’s look awesome but I really want to use what I already have and that’s not so much the issue with us the issue with us is us forcing ourselves to use whatever system we have in place.

This is an actually very pretty picture of the paper clutter now multiply this by 50!

However I still have some great blogs I have visited on this very subject that have helped me tremendously and some philosophies that I thought I would pass on to you.

I really have a very difficult time getting rid of greeting cards from close friends and family and one blog mentions that basically a greeting card is like getting a virtual hug in the mail and you can enjoy it display it for a few days and then discard it.

Here are some of the blogs that I really enjoyed:

What to do with Old Cards and Letters

Get Rid of Those Shoeboxes of Greeting Cards Guilt Free

Organize Holiday  Greeting Cards

Let’s face it paper clutter seriously ruins my productivity and it is something that has to be conquered for me to be more productive in my homesteading adventures!

My “New To Me” $7.00 Shredder From Craigslist Works Great!

Here are also some blogs on Organization that I did find on Pinterest that were really good!

The Definitive Guide to Organize Your Life and Get Rid of Clutter

My Office Studio Art Supply Closet (This one is very visual I am very far away from this of course ;)….)

Organized Office and Paperwork

I did invest in a new to me $7.00 shredder off of Craigslist and it works great!  I have been shredding, and shredding.  Luckily for me I already own two scanners and my Mom loaned me one to scan in some slides I have too.

So what about you?  Do you struggle with taming the paper in your life?  What are you doing about it?  Or is this an area you have great success in?  Share your tips and what works for you!

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!



9 thoughts on “On The Paper Warpath

  1. I’m the same way, I hate paper clutter. I do try to get all my bills sent to me online and reuse what I can. I also cut labels from coupons that come in the mail with our full name and address on them to glue to outgoing letters. I also am very active on Pinterest as I have found so many unique ideas on how to use and reuse. I’m going to check out some of the blogs you posted. Maybe I can learn something new about paper! Cheers Mr.CBB

    1. Dealing with paper is not my strength and I was raised in a household that never had clutter around…..I have absolutely no excuse except that I have my passions and they include chickens, bees, honey, figs….most of the things I like actually make BIG messes! 🙂

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. It drives me nuts. One thing I’ve been doing for a while now is tearing the pretty front pages off of holiday and greeting cards (as long as there is no writing on them). I use them to send as postcards and as invitations and thank you notes. I’ve also cut them down to use as gift tags. Works great. Thanks for the links!

    1. Great ideas! Right now it is just so ridiculous how much paper I have but maybe soon I will be organized enough to actually do something new and different with my paper 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I’ve had great success with CatalogChoice.org in nearly eliminating all the useless paper that entered my house via the US mail(-and-endless-advertising)box. I love opening it these days and seeing only a couple of geckos!! Less paper in, less paper recycled, less work for me.

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