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Photo Credit: Lisa Lynn “Little Homestead On The Hill”

This week I thought it would be fun if the featured blog went to the blogger with the most entries and I was so excited it turned out to be Lisa Lynn at Little Homestead on The Hill not only did she link up this past week she linked up a couple of great of posts you won’t want to miss!    She has written some really informative and applicable homesteading blog articles and they cover a wide range of topics!  This past week she linked up one that I really enjoyed called:

Red Neck Turkey Coop

You have to go read this article because her ingenuity and resourcefulness have created a really functional and useful end product for her turkeys.  Often people will say they do not have enough money to build a coop or to invest and it is blogger’s like Lisa Lynn that will inspire you to look at things differently.

Some other great blog topics you may want to check out of hers are…

She has her listed in several categories so I will break them down for you.

Photo Credit: Lisa Lynn at “Little Homestead On The Hill”


Dehydrating Cherries

Photo Credit: Lisa Lynn “Little Homestead On The Hill”

The Poultry Page:

Incubating Eggs

Photo Credit: Lisa Lynn “Little Homestead On The Hill”

Homesteading Recipes:

Cookies For Mental Health

Photo Credit: Lisa Lynn “Little Homestead On The Hill”


Planting Now For A Fall Harvest

Photo Credit: Lisa Lynn “Little Homestead On The Hill”


Homeschooling On The Homestead

I have so enjoyed reading all of her wonderful blog articles and I know you will too!   Lisa Lynn also homeschool’s her obviously very smart son Joe as she has spotted him reading one of my very favorite magazines “Backwoods Home Magazine“!   Also as a side note many of you don’t know but I used to homeschool both of my children before I went to work for the public school system so I know the time and dedication it requires.  My hat is off to you Lisa Lynn!   So take some time and hop over and visit Lisa Lynn at her homestead!

Now it’s that time again….. for “The Ole’ Saturday Homesteading Trading Post” Ed. No. 32 feels like this week just flew by but then again I have so many tomatoes right now and I have been making salsa and today I will be drying corn its just go, go, go around here!

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So let me share some of our chicken drama that happened this past week….we have only been getting one or two eggs a day and I thought boy this heat must be really taking the starch out of our girls only to find out that they started laying again in the other coop which until recently they had only been using for sleeping.  Crazy!  So when I opened the door one of the chickens was sitting on a pile of about 12 eggs and one of them cracked when she stood up and then she started to try to eat the yolk so my husband and I got the eggs and the straw out of there fast so she would hopefully not develop a taste for eggs.

So what kind of homesteading drama is going on at your place?  Hopefully none for your sake but it seems to come with the territory! ;)….This week I am going to feature a “Do It Yourself Decorating Project” that someone near and dear to my heart has worked on and I will interview her for my blog so stay tuned!

Have an awesome weekend!  I am going to try to for sure even though its a scorcher here today in coastal North Carolina!



PS – I know you all are busy and I am truthfully so appreciative of you taking time out of your busy schedule to stop by our Lil’ Suburban Homestead!

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  1. No drama, just the heat – 103 today. I’m always interested to hear from/about others who homeschool. My husband and I did not have children but I am a “product” of homeschooling. My mom worked really hard at it back in the early days before it was a popular choice. Homeschool moms have a special place in my heart. 🙂 I’m off to see what I can link up…

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