It’s Rather Corny Around Here This Weekend

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You guys know I have to come up with some “corny” titles and this post is perfect as I have been putting some corn up this weekend.  We froze some as mini corns on the cob and we also froze some in small portions in the freezer to throw in stews etc…but the bulk of the corn we are in the process of drying as truthfully that is the most efficient way to put up food and it takes up the least amount of space.  I am behind on my game this year so we were actually lucky in this area to find some corn that still tastes good because my friend Lisa at “The Way Grandmama Does It” told me they still had some good corn at one of our favorite local produce stands and she was right and they had just marked it down because we caught the tail end.  So glad I didn’t miss out on corn this season even though I am eating less corn in general these days its still a special treat and when I eat it I want it to be good!

In addition to putting up some corn and drying tomatoes which my husband did most of the corn because I also threw my back out this weekend…..I could not have gotten through this weekend without him.  He also has been bottling our honey and I have been putting the labels on and we are actually going to be selling some honey now too for the first time!

How many of you are putting up food this weekend?  I am still hoping to put some peaches up this summer I hope I’m not too late….time is running out for us produce-wise in Coastal North Carolina.  Hope you all have had a great weekend!



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11 thoughts on “It’s Rather Corny Around Here This Weekend

  1. How long do you dry it? I froze some this last year but one of my children complained bitterly that I had not frozen it on the cob… I may try doing a few bags of “mini ears”. 🙂
    This last week I canned blueberries and cucumber pickles. Doing more blues this week and getting a crate of peaches Thursday, which I’ll can in honey syrup.

    1. Sounds like lots of delicious food is getting canned and put up at your place! This is our first time drying corn so we have read anywhere between 8 hours and 16 hours so we are just gong to have to trust our judgment and hope for the best! I did 2 bags of mini ears for me I love them that way 🙂 I would like to do some pickles and peaches in the next week and I love putting my peaches in honey syrup too. So much to put up and so little time! Thanks for stopping in!

  2. Great post! I never thought of drying corn! We’re still waiting for our local corn to ripen here in VT. In the midst of blueberries right now and tomatoes just getting ripe!

    1. Nancy I love blueberries! I bet you have some beautiful ones up in Vermont. I used to love to make blueberry jam but now that I am watching my sugar my favorite thing to make is blueberry non fat greek yogurt smoothies! Thanks for stopping in 🙂

    1. Heidi….Hello! The dried corn I will add to soup and stews throught out the winter in the crockpot they are going to add a sweet nutty flavor…a great addition to potatoe soups, roast beef stews or lima beans for sure!

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