Peach Cobbler – A Southern Tradition

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I have not had very many desserts for the most part since this last Spring so yesterday in honor of  all of the peaches in the house I thought I would make a peach cobbler not the kind made with a ready-made mix but one made from scratch and I wanted it to be easy too because I was short on time and you know I like things to go quickly so I can move on to the next project on my list.

My family was actually in shock that I was really baking a dessert!  So no one would have probably complained no matter how it tasted but it was really very good!

So I perused the internet for some peach cobbler recipes and settled on what that I liked.  The one I tried was this one listed below but I am sure there are lots of wonderful recipes out there I just liked the ease of this one.

The Easiest Fresh Peach Cobbler Ever!

This was so delicious I would highly recommend it.  The only items I changed were that I used salted butter and I did not thinly slice the peaches mine were in big chunks and it turned out fantastic I got rave reviews and I gained two pounds so this will definitely not be something I have very often to say the least.  I will say be prepared to have peach juice running down your arms if you pick up some juicy peaches and be prepared to have extra peaches for you to eat while you are making this wonderful dish!  This is not a light recipe and definitely an indulgence!  Enjoy!

I wish all of you a great Tuesday.  I have to say it is rainy here today but nevertheless I will be getting some canning and painting in today!




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