How Much Is Too Much Kombucha?

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I have to say that I really don’t know how much is too much but since I drink only about 4 to 8 oz. a day I don’t think I am in any danger of drinking too much.

Here is a good article that discuss drinking too much Kombucha:  (apparently 32 oz a day is the max) it’s just not that kind of drink in my opinion.  I usually sip on mine for a while while I am blogging lets say…;)

 Link coming soon!

I can’t explain my love of this beverage except that I now understand why our Belarussian host son kept asking me for it.

So for those of you still not convinced I decided to write up for all of you why I drink Kombucha Tea.  And this is coming from a NON Tea Drinker.  I hate sweet tea and I am really not a big fan of hot tea unless I am sick.

My 10 Reasons Why I make homemade Kombucha:

  1. It is affordable and a relatively inexpensive beverage.
  2. It is extremely healthy and offers numerous health benefits
  3. You can make it in a wide variety of flavors so it offers diversity for your palate.
  4. You can continuously brew it (we are working on this now)
  5. It has little impact on the environment in the fact it doesn’t come in a bottle we actually do our second fermentation in old pickle jars that have been sanitized
  6. Kombucha Scoby’s aka “The Mother” continue to multiply therefore it keeps going on and on and on 😉
  7. Kombucha has been listed as a Cancer preventative (it has not been proven) however being that I am a Cancer Survivor this cannot hurt to drink it.
  8. It is also touted for lowering blood sugar levels this is something that is important to me.
  9.   It has also been said that it reduces graying hear so why not?
  10. Lastly it gives me a sense of well-being that I can’t explain.

Thanks for listening to my reasons and don’t forget we have a little over one more day to enter Lil’ Suburban Homestead’s 2nd Birthday Honey Giveaway From “The Winsome Roost” our family apiary and garden business.

Have a great “hump” day!



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18 thoughts on “How Much Is Too Much Kombucha?

  1. I don’t think the link is working… It is an interesting question though. Kombucha is a very good example of “too much of a good thing”. When I first started drinking kombucha, I craved it—it was like my body knew it was getting something it needed. After a few months though, that craving went away and I almost developed an aversion to it. Too much of a good thing. Now I know that a little bit is ok, but too much will make me feel bad. I know people who have had issues because they drank too much on a regular basis. One person with a very, very healthy diet otherwise was having terrible candida issues until they finally pinned it on the kombucha. As soon as they backed off, the candida went away.

    1. I agree….everything in moderation I am not actually in the mood for it every day anyway. They say the mother is supposed to eat up all the sugar if done properly and therefore help with blood sugar issues however I could see since we have had batches that have not always turned out perfectly that it could be off and therefore cause problems.. Thanks for your input and for stopping by…oh and I will check on that link or replace it.

      1. I think that one has more control over it when making it at home. The people I know who had trouble only bought it commercially. I wonder how much sugar is left in those and if that contributed to the problem?

        1. I hope you don’t mind I added Your Office Chair Work Outs link to The Back to School Blog Hop because I personally am going to need some stress relief and find ways to stay in shape so I wanted to refer back to it! Thanks 🙂

    1. Mr. CBB – This is a good topic for some of your readers in the US a 16 oz. bottle of kombucha runs about 3.99…homemade once you purchase your initial scoby because you will never have to buy another one might cost 25 to 40 cents a glass covering the distilled water, the sugar, and the tea and or a little fruit. Big Savings! If you get a chance you and the Mrs. should try it….if done right it’s slightly fizzy and mildly acidicly sweet. It’s refreshing! I wish I was a tea drinker but alas I am such a coffee drinker…have a great Thursday!

  2. I just love Kombucha and I make my own. I have never done the continuous batch and am starting to think that would be much easier. I did not know that you could drink too much …I have never drank more than 8 oz in day before but so glad to know this! Thanks for that bit of info.

  3. I’ve been reading a lot about Kombucha lately (and it’s because of you, Karen!) and I heard that adding a little bit of it to a homemade mayo make it last much longer than just a few days.
    So far, it is a little bit intimidating for me to start making it. I think, I need more time, it’s always like that when I decide to make something new, something completely unknown for me.

    1. To Mom Photographer: I know this post was a long time ago and you may not receive this comment…however, I was just reading a very informative website about brewing Kombucha that you may have already stumbled upon…but may have not. I have been brewing my own for a few months now. My first attempt went moldy and I had to throw the whole thing away and start over. I am so glad I did. I have been bringing it to work and sharing it with others and they love it! I get a huge kick out of bringing this amazing elixir to others!

      This website has great tips and if you haven’t started brewing yet, I hope it gives you enough knowledge and courage to start! Once you get a good process going, you can’t stop…well, I can’t stop. I love this stuff and like you Karen, it gives me a sense of well being 🙂 !!

      Here is the link I found: Sweet

      1. Gerardo thanks for sharing this wonderful website! I have had some problems getting fizz with mine so this is really helpful! I appreciate the share!

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