Goodbye whole wheat tortillas! Hello Flat Out!

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I know, I know it’s not made from scratch….so not too impressive there….but very impressive in terms of helping me get the weight off of me.  So far I have lost 30lbs and I am a “Foodie” so this has been a challenge!  This has been my new favorite lunch time treat making Flat Out Mexican Pizzas or more traditional type Pizzas and I am an addict.  The one in the photo above is just my Mexican Pizza made with some leftover steak and lots of mushrooms.  Ewa at Mom Photographer  asked me about these and my Mom actually asked me about them yesterday morning too.

When my nutritionist first shared with me about making Pizzas with flat outs I was very skeptical and quite frankly wasn’t even going to try it because I had so many bad experiences with very fibrous tasting whole wheat tortillas.  These flat breads only have 100 calories each, they have 2.5 grams of fat in each one, 9 grams of protein and yes they have 8 grams of dietary fiber and yes I love them….hard to believe it may be because they are multi-grain made with flax…..currently the only place I have seen this particular Flat Out is at Costco.

This one shown below is one that I made just as a wrap with some grilled chicken and some veggies and of course in our household our version of sour cream which is non-fat Greek Yogurt!  I use this ingredient in so many of my recipes now!  By the way that is my home grown Red Sails lettuce which I so miss right now….the edges are not brown they are red and this lettuce is highly flavorful it makes the lettuce in my refrigerator right now pale in comparison.

So this is how I prepare them in two different ways.  One way I use the oven and the other way I use the cast iron skillet.

Baked Oven Mexican Pizza

Pull out a skillet and put about a tsp. of safflower or olive oil on it

I take about 3 oz of leftover chicken or beef from the night before (I make sure I have some leftover ;)…)

Chop up onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers and the meat and toss it all in that pan with the olive oil on it (If you have Zuccini or Squash that could be a bonus throw that in too if you want)  Make sure to sprinkle with Mrs. Dash Chipotle seasoning or some other southwest type seasoning.

Pre-heat oven to broil.

Place Flat out on a piece of foil or parchment paper on a cookie sheet.  That being said I find I need to spray or brush just a little bit of oil on the foil or you could use the “Release” brand or sometimes the Flat Out will stick to the foil. I use parchment paper because I can just keep cleaning it and re-using it…my Grandma taught me that. 😉

Anyways scoop up all the meat and wonderful veggies in the frying pan you can make enough for one to four people this is up to you if you are feeding 4 people make it about 12 oz. of meat and multiply your veggies!  I usually only have to make it for me and my son and by the way he is a lineman for his highschool football team and he loves these healthy flat bread lunches!

So after you place those veggies and meat on top of your flatbread just take about a 1/4 Cup reduced fat shredded mexican cheese and sprinkle on top to completely  cover as much area as you can.  I sometimes put a little more seasoning on top.  Put in oven to broil until golden and pull out and on top I usually put some non fat greek yogurt and salsa!  So delicious!

Karen Lynn’s Barbecue Chicken Pizza

This one is a little more complex I actually make the barbecue sauce on the stove top but it simple:

Just take a pan and mix up about 3 Tablespoons of Catsup, 2 tsp. of dark mustard and a tsp. of molasses and add garlic and salt and pepper to taste.  A great way to get some molasses in your diet or just use store-bought barbecue sauce that’s fine too.  Spread it on your flat-out.  (This is enough for 2 people)

In the meantime cook up some leftover chicken, onions, peppers, you can throw in some pineapple too if you would like and tomatoes in a frying pan with about a tsp. of olive oil.  This is when I take some liberty with the spices and sprinkle a little bit of cajun spice on the chicken and veggies!

I then take all of those veggies and meat once they are cooked until the onions are carmelized and then I place them all on the flat-out.  I sprinkle with about a 1/4 C. reduced fat mozzarella cheese.  Place in broiler until golden brown….delicious!

The traditional flat-out I make is just that I just put tomato sauce on a flat-out, sprinkle with some italian herbs, layer on some mushrooms, peppers, onions, and turkey pepperoni, and then I place on a 1/4 C. reduced fat mozzarella cheese.  I do not pre-cook the veggies I put this one in the oven at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes and then sometimes put the broiler on at the end to crisp it up.  I love the edges to be crispy you may not!

Very Convenient!

I work full time for 10 months of the year and not only that but I am not the best “Baker” so this is one food option I am going to leave to the commercial world if nothing else I am practical and it’s a healthy commercial option.  I plan on pre-cooking some of these for when I return to work next week…”quesadilla style” to be re-heated in the microwave at work since I am going back next week.  They do hold up well and re-heat well but I will follow up and let you know how they do!

Enjoy these recipes!   Here’s to being healthy!

Have a great Thursday!



PS:  I am not a detailed person at all so if I’m missing a step just comment and let me know or if you have a question I am happy to answer you! 🙂

PSP:  By the way I am not getting paid to blog about my new favorite wrap I just want to share with those that strive to eat healthy and are on the run a lot!

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    1. Well I could try your recipe I will have to go look for it…is it whole grain?….but I have not had the best luck with tortillas…yes I do sometimes put some pesto and sun dried tomatoes and spinach on too…I keep mixing it up! Hope you enjoy!

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