Holy Cannoli Batman Look At Those Jerusalem Artichoke Plants!

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Look at those Jersualem Artichokes!

Did that grab your attention?  I hope so!  I just had to show you how tall our Jerusalem Artichoke plants got this summer.  For a little reference my son “The tall one” is 6′ 4″….I cannot wait to cook these up I love Jerusalem Artichokes they are so tasty!  The last measurement from “The Viking” in my life is the plants are 15 feet tall but they looked taller to me today and its been about a week since this photo was taken!

Have a great week!

By the way my lunch post is coming this week!



8 thoughts on “Holy Cannoli Batman Look At Those Jerusalem Artichoke Plants!

  1. That’s what mine look like too…just started getting flowers. Not sure why they have been in the ground since Feb. I had to pull some up due to windstorm in June. I hope these roots will be bigger and edible!

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