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You know 35 lbs ago….I would not have wanted to spend the day kayaking I probably would have but it would not have been as much fun.  I was raised in an active family and living at the beach provides you tons of opportunity to get out and get active.  I am stuck on a plateau and it made me think its time to ramp up the activity even more!

So when we moved here over six years ago I started getting out and getting active and I was not ready for a kayak trip but I would go to the beach and play in the sand.  Now even though I am getting older we go white water rafting every year, I went kayaking for the first time ever in my life today and I loved it I think I am going to try paddle boarding next.

Challenging our bodies to do new things is so very human to test what we can take and to see if we can take it to the next level.  If I can  get thrown into the icy depths of the Nantahala River I think I can go for a Paddleboard trip.  I might not make it very long my first try and that’s okay.  My oldest brother has run quite a few marathons and half marathons which is still surreal to me what a test on how much your body can take.

A friend of mine at work who is a marathon runner said to me the other day….”Baby Steps Karen”.   I don’t have a desire in my life to be a marathon runner at this point but I definitely have a desire to be active.  This evening I went for a long walk with my dog River its just making sure you are moving those limbs and you are breathing in fresh air it just feels good!  Last night I weed-eated the front yard and I will continue to find new activities to challenge me its important.  Gardening is a great way to be active as long as you add walking, biking, and other activities to that.

I love to bowl and you can find a lot of very frugal prices on bowling especially non league type activities but you have to look around for them.

I decided that as long as I am physically able physical excercise and movement is going to be a priority to me.

This Friday prior to my son’s football game I plant to be on a corn holing team!  Don’t let your size hold you back if you are able get out there and move it if you can!  Also lets face it if we are moving we are raising endorphins and we feel better too.  Participating in recreation activities helps you meet new goals and connect with other active folks too!



6 thoughts on “Move It If You Can!

    1. Thanks Mr. CBB! I am hoping I get home in time to put some more fall crops in tomorrow after work! I realize not everyone is able to that is why I love one of my friends post on chair excercises every little bit helps 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Ewa! You are so kind….and I absolutely know what you mean I dropped a lot of activities when my children were born for a little while. We loved canoeing and it just wasn’t practical or safe to take them with us.

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