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The Things You Do With Rice

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You know the recent article about arsenic levels in rice has been upsetting to me because we are definitely rice eaters.  It has not always been that way but I think the economy changes of recent years and the fact that I read somewhere that rice eaters on average way 11% less than potato eaters I started adding a lot more rice in to our diets.  Don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore the potato and I love to grow them but my blood sugar does not so that’s another plus for rice in our household.  I have had several people tell me to remember that apples have arsenic in them too but it doesn’t ease up my concern over the rice issue.

So lets examine the latest information on rice how will this affect me?  Here is a great blog article on this very topic:  Arsenic in Rice:  Should We Be Concerned I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and I agree this is a great time to explore other grains as well but I also want to share just the versatility of rice too and while I while I don’t plan on it losing its spot in our household it is going to have to move over and make room for some other grains to hit our dinner plates.

My daughter is a prime example of how versatile and inexpensive rice is.  She just moved out recently and one of her favorite new meals is an egg served over rice!  Kind of like her own version of egg foo young and she serves it with a little soy sauce.  She absolutely loves it!

I love cooking up a meat and a sauce in the crock pot and serving it over a bed of rice.  There are very few grains that are ready as fast lets face it quinoa takes twice as long to get it to the right consistency as rice in my opinion.

I often serve rice as a side dish with kielbasa and last night it was a bed for a Zucchini boat that I made with this recipe from Skinny Taste.Com (one of my favorite sites for healthy recipes) although I opted to kind of blend the sauce in with the chicken instead of put it on top.  By the way my husband and my son loved the Zucchini Boat Recipe so check out her recipe and I think she has more than one boat recipe so if you miss one it won’t miss you will miss out on all the boats 😉 (Yes I had to throw that in there!)

So I guess what I am saying is in spite of me being upset I am not giving up on rice completely at this point.  It is an affordable food and everyone loves it in our house especially the white rice.

I did add in a new grain dish this week….I made kind of a version of mushroom pilaf with quinoa instead and it went over pretty good.  I have shared some pictures of it and it was quite good and while the guys didn’t embrace it as readily they did eat it all!  Change is difficult and I am going to take baby steps on our journey to quote my friend.Here is the recipe from another food blog I love Gluten Free Goddess. I never follow a recipe exactly though  I always have to put my own 2 cents in.

So here is my question “Have you given up on rice?”  What have you made with rice lately?  Are you planning on trying some new grains in your diet?  Do you have a favorite new grain?  I would love to hear from all of you!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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  1. Lisa

    As a life long white rice eater I have developed a taste for brown rice and found it pretty delicious! Excited about trying new recipes using brown rice. My family’s all time favorite is my white rice and ham stir fry. Just cook a pot of white rice and let cool in frig. Cut up a ham slice in bite size pieces. Melt 1/2 stick of butter in large non stick pan, add rice and ham. Mix well and splash in lots of soy sauce. I add in scrambled eggs and some chopped green onions. Toss well and serve hot. Easy and filling. Thanks for all your recipes! Will be adding these to my collection!

    1. KarenLynn

      Lisa that ham and rice sounds wonderful! I like brown rice but the guys love the white stuff! So glad you stopped by 🙂

  2. Canadianbudgetbinder

    We love rice here and have not given it up. We go to the asian market and pick up jasmine rice or scented rice. One of our new favourites is to make sticky rice, then form it into a small bowl, press down, take it out so it holds the shape, brush it with sesame oil and bbq it… mmm. So no, not giving it up just yet… I’m more worried about the Beef recall in Canada at the moment… never ends. Mr.CBB Thanks for the link to my shrimp and rice recipe.

    1. KarenLynn

      Yum! Sticky rice sounds wonderful! Glad I am not the only one not giving it up just yet…I have to watch more news I did not know about the beef recall in Canada YIKES!

  3. Pauline (@RFIndependence)

    This looks delicious! I eat more potatoes than rice in my diet, but love sushi, rice salad (perfect to use leftover cold rice and anything getting old in the fridge), fried rice, and cinnamon rice pudding!

    1. KarenLynn

      Pauline I need to do more with using up the leftover cold rice as if it doesn’t get eaten now it gets fed to the chickens and oh boy do I love rice pudding!

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