Is It Time For An Energy Revolution?

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Enough is Enough!  Our local energy company wants to increase rates by 14.2%!  I can’t believe it!  Well the Greedy keep getting greedier….isn’t that how it goes…..if this passes this may really be the year we just learn to swelter in the heat.  They say it is the first increase in a quarter of a century but that’s absolute bologna!  I can promise you my bills keep going up!  I looked up the owners of our utility company that own Progress Energy and they are rich investment firms I guess Rich is never Rich enough for these folks…..

Here is the link to some of the primary owners of Progress Energy feel free to write them if you would like to share your 2 cents with them….somebody should that’s for sure.  I know I plan too.

Who Owns Progress Energy?

I got a .2 % raise for the last 5 years of work…thats all!  Oh and did I tell you I work with children and education apparently an industry that is no longer valued or advocated for by the general population.   It’s absolutely reprehensible the lack of financial concern that is put into educators and even sadly the top is often sucking up all the revenue even in the government sector.

So obviously I am not off grid at this time and have nowhere to hide at this point but if Progress Energy gets their way they will make off grid living look more and more appealing to me.  This makes Revolution look more and more like real life!

How do you feel about the crazy rates utility companies are charging?  Have you had it?  Do you feel like I do?  I feel like Enough is Enough you greedy investors!  Thanks to all of my readers for listening to my frustration tonight but maybe you feel this way too!


5 thoughts on “Is It Time For An Energy Revolution?

  1. Honey, it is time for some sort of revolution. We moved from Oklahoma, where our energy came from electricity, propane, and wood stove, and passive solar. When the electricity went out, rarely, we had other venues to rely on. So, what did we do? We moved to Alabama, to an all electric home. What were we thinking?!!!

  2. Same situation here in Florida with our monopoly utility, FPL (there is no other competitior to choose). Keep telling us our rates are falling, even running commercials on tv telling us our bills are lower when they’re not. I pay more and more every year. Would love to go off grid (we have solar hot water so far) but not only is it too expensive but there are moves afoot in the legislature to make it illegal to not be connected to the grid even if you are 100% solar.

    1. Mack I know right… grid is not really an option here in suburbia but we need more laws in place to allow us to become as off grid as we want to without obviously breaking any sanitation laws etc….thanks for stopping in and visiting!

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