Hurricane Sandy – The Frankenstorm Are You Ready?

They are calling hurricane sandy “The Frankenstorm” and today we went down to the ocean to look at this ferocious storm moving in towards our coastline.  As of now they don’t seem to think that our part of coastal North Carolina should expect much but some wind and quite a bit of rain.  However it is very important to be ready to evacuate, to have some supplies on hand because no one can really with 100% accuracy predict a hurricane.  I am also including some video I shot today so you can see that even in the very early stages with this hurricane hundreds of miles off of the coast how it is stirring the ocean up.

We keep a hurricane supply box supplied all year-long, we also have water stored away, batteries, and a first aid kit.  We are perfectly situated to hunker down at home we have several other sources to heat with other sources of fuel.  We have fresh eggs from our chickens in addition to our stored supplies and this time of year if the garden does not get devastated we can forage small offerings  from it still.    Our weakness is if we were to get in a situation where we had to leave our home we are not quite prepared for that yet.  We always gas up both vehicles and we have some supplies at the ready.  My husband has a bug out bag but my son and I have to work on having bags put together this year.  We did buy some more water today to supplement supplies we already have as you can see below oh and we remembered the cat too 😉  Oh yeah that is also some London Broil for my husband the Viking in my  life to make his famous Beef Jerky for gifts for our son’s coaches but also to save a little for us too!

Another consideration is do we have enough medications on hand for some people who are like me that have to take medication for an ongoing condition.  I usually try to keep a months supply on hand but these are all issues that people face in a storm situation.  Will the power go out?  Will businesses shut down?  Will I be able to get my meds etc…?

So today I am double checking are we low on anything?  Do we need to add to any of our supplies or stores?   Also are their items that I might not be thinking about do I need?

Have a great weekend!  And if you are in the path of Sandy stay safe!


14 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy – The Frankenstorm Are You Ready?

  1. Do you have a crate for the cat in case of evacuation? I also have cat litter in a two gallon bag that would be enough for Blue if he had to stay in the car. The cardboard lid of a paper box with a small plastic bag over it is a good substitute litter box. Although in Blue’s a paper box with the lid on and hole cut in the center would work even better for him! LOL

    Water for flushing toilets if needed, 3 kind of lighting and all the flying outside stuff put away, I think your pretty prepared! But get those bug out bags done woman! 🙂 Gayle

    1. Gayle I do have a crate for the cat but I don’t have extra litter great thought…..we usually fill up tubs with extra water to flush if we think the storm is heading our way this time it wasn’t. We have flashlights, candles, and oil lamps however you are right those bug out bags need to be done and thanks so much for adding great points. Do you have another way you store water for flushing? Thanks for stopping by.

      1. I don’t keep as much for flushing as I should probably because of the system our city has. It’s never gone out even when it flooded! We also have a gravity flow city system. That said, we have a 1000 gallon fish pond, 20 gallons of rain water and about 20 liters of non-potable water to flush with. When we aren’t in a drought we have natural springs and 2 artisians wells in the backyard but those are not running right now. 🙁 When they are full, our wells would do about a gallon every 5-10 minutes which is not bad for ground flow water.

  2. With our hurricane earlier this year I worried about my chickens. 🙂 We’ve strengthened their coop, that’s the best we can do. I pray the storm continues to pass by.

    1. Curtis Ann I hope the storm poses you no problems and I agree that our chickens are an extension of our lil’ homestead so we try to make sure they can get to their food and water and that they have lots of dry bedding to nest with and to keep them as secure as possible is important! Great point 🙂

  3. WOW! Thanks for your post and how you need to prepare for this storm. I live on the other side of North America and our biggest worries are major snowstorms and really cold blizzards that can paralyze the area. This must be such a concern and worry for you. I hope all is well once Sandy moves on. ~Take Care, Thea

      1. I am so glad for you and your family. My daughters are away at school/visiting friends. One in Quebec and one in Vermont and it seems Sandy has decided not to create a problem for them. I am so thankful. Keep up the great work with your blog. I have been an avid follower! ~Thea

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